The new me.

Well what do you think of the new ‘My thoughts on a page’? I’ve given it a makeover.

Last night while trying to catch up with reading my fellow bloggers posts, I clicked into my good online pal, my weary minds blog. I’d noticed (with great envy)  last week. her new look, and tonight as I clicked in I turned into a freaky psycho. I wanted her blog.

Noting it was the theme ‘Gateway’, I checked to see if it was free (as my OH still can’t get over the fact I don’t make any money from this blog). Yahoo it was. So I decided to download it.

Anyone who is thinking of downloading a new theme on their blog, proceed with caution. I have lost hours of my life tonight wondering, what background colour to go for, what font to chose and would I change my header image?

So it’s done and I think I like it (it’s late and the wine and very early morning are telling me it’s lovely).What do you think? Please be kind, or constructive, or maybe just kind. I’m not sure of the background colour, the font, the heading photo, or anything really.

Here’s hoping I wake up tomorrow and don’t think… Aghhhhhhh

48 thoughts on “The new me.

  1. Thanks for the compliment! I’m honored!!! I like the new look a lot, and what you’ve done with it. I always have admired your organization of your blog and categories. Maybe someday, when I am willing to give up another day to organizing the blog, I will try. Not!!

    1. Haha. I am very impressed with yours. I’d no intention of changing anything but on a whim I checked out your theme and loved it. I love your ever changing widgets playing like a video, that’s a step too far for me so well done you.

    1. Thanks Beth. I put no thought at all into it, just changed it on a whim, but i still like it today, although it doesn’t feel like my own blog just yet.

  2. I really like it! Much improved, feels more professional, yet still comfortable and welcoming! Love the photo, the font is great, and only thing I don’t love is the background color of the menu, but really, I wouldn’t have noticed if you didn’t ask… xoxo

    1. Thanks Lucia. Like yourself that is something I don’t like but the other choices, green, red and purple were all worse. Maybe if I put my hand in my pocket I could get something I liked but for now I’m stuck with this so I’ll just ignore that part.
      It doesn’t feel like my own blog just yet but I’m sure I’ll get used to it. I love the front page as it features my past posts with a preview and photo.

  3. I like it, too Tric. And, I’m saying this reading it on a small phone where it is very easy to read and pleasing to the eye.
    I look forward to seeing it on PC.

      1. It’s perfect and I’ve just had a peep on the PC and it’s great there too. Well done, you. I live in dread of losing everything if/when I start playing around with themes etc.

    1. I don’t even confess to a fiver in Penney’s.
      This was all free, and yes it really was, as opposed to my Penney’s confessions.

  4. When I first arrived on your site I thought I’d pushed the wrong button or something, but then I noticed the title of your latest post. I have to say, I like it. I has a nice feel and a comfortable, easy to navigate layout. I get confused very easily, so I like everything to be as intuitive as possible. I can’t believe you managed to get it for my favorite price.

  5. I know the feeling about changing the theme, sometimes change is good. I like it and even if no one else likes it you like it and that is what matters most.

    1. Aw thanks a million. I’m still at the ‘I think I like it’ stage. I’d got so used to the old one and the cover photo, but a change is good so I’ll stick with it for now.
      The last time I changed the theme I thought about it for days. This spur of the moment thing was much easier.

      1. I changed mine recently o. The spur of the moment and decided to keep it. ..for now. No one is going to think bad of you if you change it again. It’s a personal blog it should reflect the changes you go through in your life.

  6. Looks fab Tric. Very fresh.
    Surely this gets you off housekeeping in the ‘real world’ for at least a fortnight!?

    1. You know I think you are right. I must carry my laptop around and regularly show my family of the big tidy up I’ve done. Great idea Helen. 🙂

  7. Congrats on the new look! I would just note that it might help to have your text be a bit darker. I can read it fine, but people who have a bit more visual difficulties may need a greater contrast between the words and the background.

    1. Thanks Joanne. I know what you mean but I tried to make it a better contrast and this was the best I could do unless I went with a dark background. (Of course if I paid I’m sure I could do it, but I’m all for free) Thanks for the advice. I hope it’s not too bad for some.

      1. I’m all about free, too! It’s definitely easier to read to have light background with darker print than dark background with white or lighter color print, so please keep it this way. I understand about the limits on color choice. I have a problem with the visibility of the print in my header that I’d love to fix but put up with because I like the rest of my look.

        I also love that you have a Second Chance Repost category in your memo. We all need second chances!

    1. Thanks Karen. It’s always a bit of a gamble when you change to see if you like it and to get feedback. I’m delighted as it seems to have gone down well.

  8. Love the photo at the top. I also love the font in the photo, though the second line is harder to see (but I can see it). Fun look!

    1. Thanks Angie. Yes it’s a pity I couldn’t quite manage to get the bottom font bigger. I’ll play around a bit more but it looks like this is the best I can do.
      Glad you like it. Thanks for the feedback. It’s still a little overly lavender for me but I’m getting used to it.

  9. I’ve considered it many times. I’ve even clicked on the theme’s button but as soon as I have to start making choices on lay-out, fonts and colors I lose my will to live. Hence, I just stick with what I’ve got…

    As soon as I typed this the little voice inside my head said, Ah Dad…it’s time for change…

    Should I?

    1. Your site is easy to read and navigate. Mine was too, but then I decided to just see what another themes would look like. I particularly liked the way it showed a preview and photo on my front page of all my posts, my last theme didn’t so that’s why I went with it.
      Mind you previewing does take so much time out of your life. There are so many themes out there.
      Keep me posted if you do decide to change.

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