Yesterday was Monday. Back to school, back to work, back to traffic, back to rushing. Another day over before we knew it? Before we know it, we will be Christmas shopping and welcoming a new year. Is time passing us by? Are precious moments each day being missed in the rush of modern living?

good morning

Today I watched a video on Madhatters blog featuring older women reflecting on the life they have lived. Watching it I was struck by how time is racing by in my own life.

What will I wish I had done differently when I am older? What will I regret?

Already I have a few. I wish I’d savoured every good night hug and kiss when my little ones were full of them. Enjoyed more, tiny hands slipping into mine as I walked. Appreciated every bunch of flowers plucked from the garden, with no stems. Relished the chaos as my gang arrived home from school and delighted in the scramble for my lap when I said I’d read a story.

As I look back I sigh, remembering all that is past, but I’m also mindful of the many moments today will bring me. Some day in my future, today will be a time to remember, the chat about school, the school bag thrown in the hall, the smell of perfume from bedrooms and the goodnight kiss before bed.

Today I intend to stop the clock and pause, just long enough to smile and inhale the moments as they happen, before it is too late, before I have any more regrets. Today I will spend time being, just as these ladies so wonderfully express it.

“One today is worth two tomorrows”.
(Benjamin Franklin)

If you have a spare few minutes please watch this. It will make you think and I hope it will make a difference in your life.

12 thoughts on “Regrets?

  1. I wish you luck on that attitude. I don’t think I’ll ever get past the regrets I have over all the things that have happened in my past, things I might have been able to differently . . . uh oh, there I go again. 😛

    1. It’s not easy Karen I admit, but I got to the stage where he had taken enough from me I was not going to give him one more day. It’s all about today now.

  2. I miss the days when my children were running in and out as though we had a revolving door on our house. I did spend a lot of time doing things with them, but we have to be realistic. There is still laundry to do, house to clean, work or volunteer outside the home, cooking, helping with homework. It is easy to look back and forget about the nitty-gritty, and think that you weren’t all you could have been. No regrets, just warm fuzzy memories.

    1. You raise a really good point, living sucks a lot of life out of us and laundry, school collections, meals do indeed take a lot of the joy out of any day. I think that is probably why more parents of older children speak about marking the moment, because we have more time to breathe.

  3. Oh, I saw this video over at Madhatters. Incidentally, if one today is worth two tomorrows, why do I have such a hard time selling my yesterdays? You’d think they’d be worth a fortune.

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