A post I wont be writing.

I am reminded today of comments I’ve received from friends and my mum, ‘Don’t dare put me in your blog’. Sometimes I’ve ignored them and thankfully I’ve been forgiven. I like to think, despite their protestations, they did in fact like what was written.

However appearing on my blog is not for everyone.

So today with that in mind, I will not write a word about a certain someone who has brought so much joy to my life. I wont speak of how proud I am as I remember this day eighteen years ago.

As promised, not a word.

Instead I’ll share this song I chose many years ago for a certain child of mine. Any parent will be able to relate to this one. If I were to say ‘Happy Birthday’ to a certain child of mine on their 18th, this is the song I would publish.

But I’m not going to.

28 thoughts on “A post I wont be writing.

    1. I read your comment last night and it was so apt. On big occasions such as 18th’s we reflect, and you are right, I celebrated from the heart last night.

  1. I will respect her wishes and absolutely NOT wish a very public ‘happy birthday’ to the 18 yr old woman who desires to remain anonymous !

    however, I am always looking for an excuse to play this . . .

    hope your daughter gets a laugh out of this song, tric πŸ˜†

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