Freshly impressed #13

Another week has passed and it’s time once more to discover who has ‘freshly impressed’ me this week on the net.

Two beautiful posts caught my attention, both written about the bloggers young children. These posts not only struck a chord at reading, but continued to live with me afterwards, always a good sign of a post.

The first is written by Office Mum who is a mother of three. In this post she beautifully captures those moments of guilt we all feel, when we realise we treat a first child differently, because after all they are no longer babies. It’s called ‘First child’.

My second choice is from the much undervalued and always worth a read blog, ‘Tenderness on the block’. Like many bloggers she is unwilling to share too much detail about her family online and yet sometimes wishes she could put a moment into words. In this post she writes a lovely post, about not writing a post. Read it and you will understand, and I’m sure agree. It’s called, ‘Dear daughter’.

My final choice is from a blogger I have followed for almost as long as I’ve been blogging. Her blog is ‘The Chatter Blog’, and I love this particular post. It tells the story of an elderly couple she knew, who were together up to old age, yet didn’t feel they shared a great love for each other. It will leave you with many questions about the meaning of true love. It’s called ‘No Great Love’.

So there you have it, just some of the posts which have ‘freshly impressed’ me this week. I hope you have enjoyed them as much as I did.

Thanks as always to Duncan from for my amazing Freshly Impressed logo.

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