My scheduling gaffe. An apology.

Do you ever schedule posts? Did you even know you could?

Well genius here was blogging about one year before I became curious as to what it meant. When I investigated I thought it was not really for me, as at the time I was posting almost daily and publishing immediately after I’d written. So I put it out of my head.

Until one day last Summer.

I was going to Dublin for a few days and I’d a post written so decided I’d testphoto credit: <a href="">Character Question Mark</a> via <a href="">photopin</a> <a href="">(license)</a> this scheduling thing, just to see how it worked.So off I went to Dublin, and the following day I waited eagerly for 7pm to see my post magically appear. And I waited, and waited…Nothing. Maybe my blog was on US time? Nope.Indian time? Australian? Nope.I went to bed late, postless and still wondering.

The following day I decided to take a bit of time out of my visit to investigate, so I scurried to the bathroom with my mums ipad to check it out, (in case you were wondering why the bathroom? I was pretending I was on a blogging break). To this day I’ve no clue what happened, but I pressed a few buttons and eventually there it was. I clicked a few more and yahoo it said ‘published’. I went back to my holidaying allergic to ever trying to schedule again.

Until last Friday.

A full year had almost passed and I began to believe that after two and a half years blogging I must be almost an expert. Surely I’d manage to schedule? Once again I’d no need to, but I was curious to see if it would work out for me. I’d arranged to go with my ‘little ones’ to see the 9pm showing of Inside Out in the cinema. I scheduled my post ‘Endings and Beginnings’ for 7pm. Sadly as I drove to the cinema the scheduled time had long passed with no ding from my phone indicating my success and expertise. Feck, definitely no expert!

Never fear though as I took a quick peek at my phone later, I saw it had posted. I sat back and congratulated myself, better late than never.  A short while later (when I was not supposed to be looking at my phone) I saw a message flash on my screen that sent my heart crossways, ‘If it were me I’d like to know’. I knew immediately I’d got something majorly wrong. I clicked into the message and oh dear. In my post I’d linked to two wonderful blog posts I’d read the previous day, one written by Office mum and the other by Where Wishes Come From. So what says you? Well in my haste to go to the cinema and do my fancy scheduling I’d credited another blogger Bumbles Of Rice instead of Where wishes come from.

FECK. (All capital letters for a reason). I sat in the cinema with a big red face on me, mortified.

(How I felt as I read the text)
(How I felt as I read the text)

I hastily broke every rule in my life about social media invading time with family, and I managed to watch the movie and edit my post. As I sat there I couldn’t relax for wondering how I’d written the wrong blog name, as these two are blogs I’m very familiar with. Then I remembered. As I was writing the post and busy linking I was also cooking, a dish I’d not cooked in two years. I’d forgotten what it involved so I’d searched Bumbles Of Rice’s blog for her post, Easy chicken and broccoli bake. She’d obviously left a big impression on me because I dumped poor ‘where wishes come from’ from my mind and gave the credit due her to the maker of my dinner!

In order to right all wrongs and be fair to all, I’ll now link you to Bumbles of Rice. I could pick many of her posts but I think it is only right to send you in the direction of the one which caused me to be so distracted. Here you go Very Easy Chicken and Broccoli Bake.

I hope my blog buddies forgive me, and I as a result of my error some of you get a new recipe for dinner. A win win? As for scheduling… I’m disappointed to discover I’m not the blogging genius I thought I might be. Scheduling and I have had a serious falling out so for the forseeable future I think I’ll give it a skip.

photo credit: Character Question Mark via photopin (license)

21 thoughts on “My scheduling gaffe. An apology.

  1. It took me three tries over four or so years to finally figure out how to properly schedule so it publishes when I want it to so you’re ahead of me! And I did learn, about a year ago, that I should always PREVIEW the post before scheduling or publishing. When I preview, I try all the links I’ve included to make sure it works and that it take my readers where I want to take them. I think you just learned this one!

    I’m sure you are forgiven! That’s the way we all learn so don’t worry about it. Just don’t do it again! 😉

    1. Thanks Corina. It’s good to know I’m not a complete eejit. I think the preview check is essential as that was what killed me, not being in a position to make the corrections.
      Maybe in another while I’ll give it another try. I’m still not sure why it didn’t post at the right time, but at least it did post. That was some progress. 🙂

  2. now i don’t feel so bad, it took me 2+ years to figure it out, through much trial and much error and i still have major gaffes happen )

  3. Oh you poor thing! I hate that feeling when you realize what you’ve done. I told Bumbles of Rice I was “coking” in a comment the other day (I meant cooking…) so I think you might be grand!

  4. I schedule posts quite often, without any trouble so not sure where you could be going wrong

    only thing I can suggest is you go into General Settings and make sure you’ve selected Dublin as your Timezone

    1. You beauty! My timezone setting was wrong so if the time had passed it wasn’t posting and otherwise it was an hour and a half late. All sorted, although still recovering from my last mess.
      Thanks Duncan.

  5. just had a thought – if your scheduled posts aren’t appearing at all, it’s probably because you aren’t pressing the ‘Schedule’ button (the Publish button changes to a Schedule button once you’ve set a time and date for your post to appear)

    Hope this helps make the process clear –

    1. I think this is what happened last year, but I think the other night it was the time being incorrect. Thanks.
      BTW I’m thouroughly enjoying the posts by the blogger BunKaryudo you tipped me off about. Great find.

      1. really good, isn’t he ?

        am glad to see, from slow beginning, he’s getting a lot more visitors now – only a matter of time, surely, before WordPress recognises his talent and he gets “Freshly Pressed’

  6. I barely write a post, let alone try to schedule one to magically appear at the desired time, so I can’t offer any suggestions..just happy to know I’m not the only one who makes bumbling mistakes!

    1. I just clicked your Gravatar as I always do hoping you had linked it (at last) and wow, your site looks great. I’ll be over now for a read.
      As for bumbling mistakes, I’m often guilty so we are company for each other.

  7. I schedule posts everyone in a while. I do run into time zone issues every now and then, particularly as I refuse to change my blog time for daylight savings time, of which I heartily disapprove.

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