The cost of a smile, an update.

Remember last week when I thought I’d have to sell at least one of my children in order to pay €800 for a new tooth? Well I’ve good and bad news. The good news is I don’t have to sell one of them and the bad news is… I don’t get to sell one of them.

Today I went for a second opinion. A friend had put me in touch with a dentist she knows who lives in a small country town about an hour away. I drove off full of hope and dread if I’m honest. It would appear from most of your comments that teeth are a crazy price, especially when you think how many of them we have, so I wasn’t overly confident.

Mr Lovely saw me immediately and I filled him in (did you get that, ‘filled’ him in!) on my woes. I then sat back and he looked and poked in my mouth and immediately said he’d be happy to do a crown for €500 if I wished but that if it were him or a member of his family he’d put in one of the new, super strong white fillings he has and it would work perfectly. The cost would be a little over €100.

Yes you read that right. €100! I nearly bit his hand in my excitement, and as if that was not fantastic enough he then told me I had lovely teeth. It was the best compliment I’ve got in years. I am now Mr Lovely’s newest fan.

So come September I will be the owner of another filling, which will look like my tooth. I was so thrilled, but wow what a difference. Today I saved €700. Imagine how long it would take me to earn that?

Moral of the story, it quite literally pays to shop around. I’m smiling all day, showing off my lovely teeth.

25 thoughts on “The cost of a smile, an update.

  1. It was always drilled into me (Get it Tric) drilled into me when a bargain is offered bite their hand off, ignore false promises, I’d give my eyetooth for such a bargain, nothing like flashy nasher’s when posing for the camera, I’m sure your gentle dental will be glad of the publicity – and the other chap hasn’t got the needle with you for pulling out!!!!

    1. Ah for Gods sake C.J. you win. I’ve had my ‘fill’ of dental puns. 🙂
      Great result though wasn’t it? How much did you save today?

      1. Saved a few thoughts which I might use later! You can let me know if they were worth saving once I assemble them and set them free. There is a gag about pull the other one but I’ll leave it for another day?

      1. Yup, he has no need to crunch numbers as you’ve already done that for him. Now his hands and mind are free for other things (wink ) 🙂

  2. Great news! I was fortunate enough to get one of those when a lump of one of my front teeth was knocked off by a sliotar, struck by my son, which bounced off a few rocks at the beach and landed in my gob!
    It’s still there and that’s about 5 years ago! So, go girl!

  3. Don’t suppose you’d be able to post this dentists details? I could really use a recommendation for my pathetically weak teeth – especially one who won’t immediately see euro signs in front of his eyes during the examination!

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