The highs and lows of marriage

Last Friday night…

Himself: Darling I’m taking you away for our 25th anniversary. Next weekend you and I will use that hotel voucher we won.

Me: Really? Wow I’d love that. It’s five stars!

Himself: You deserve it

Half an hour later…

Himself: There’s no easy way to say this … I’ve championship on Saturday, we’ll have to cancel.

As you can imagine I didn’t cope with the news very well. I think at one point I may have entered the kitchen. Himself looked at me warily, but I held my tongue. Rise above it, I thought, be the bigger person.

Himself: Sorry!

Me: Its fine,forget it. I’m over it,okay! (Said in a snarling, I am definitely not okay voice) I may then have banged the door, before shouting NOT!

Such is married life. I sulked and lamented and then saw the bigger picture. We had shared twenty five years of marriage we would have that night away, just not next week. Sigh.

Then joy of joys he tells me our night away is back on. I was so thrilled. He loves me more than GAA football. True love lives even after twenty five years.

Wrong, the match is later than he thought so we can leave early and make it back!

Ah well, I’m not proud and I’m not stupid, so as you read this I am off to be wined and dined. I’m sure the minor detail of our twenty five year union will come up at some stage and those who know me will know there will be wine. Hopefully the twenty five years was worth it for this. I’ll let you know, if I ever come back.

Luxury here I come. Whoops I meant here we come!

41 thoughts on “The highs and lows of marriage

  1. He would get points in my book just for remembering. Then more points for even thinking of a getaway, whether it happened or not. Can you tell my ex never remembered or had a thought in this direction? In the 16 years we were married we went out for our anniversary once and that was because my neighbor watched the kids and practically pushed us out the door!

    I hope you are having a wonderful time. And a lot of wine!

    1. Thank you Corina. We had a lovely time. Sorry you’re marriage was less than perfect, I think it was a lot of luck on our part as I was young when I married.
      Oh and yes I had wine and we had a lot of fun.

    1. Haha. Yes it’s a long time alright, but thankfully we made it this far. The team also won the championship match so his weekend was perfect!

    1. Thank you. Yes the feckin GAA. It’s the third person in our marriage! We’d a lovely night away, and they won their match. Not sure which meant most to him.

  2. Happy Anniversary!
    Think of it this way, separate interests can be a key to long-lasting, loving marriages, with a few scratches in the icing of romanticism. Or don’t think it, if it irks you!!!

    1. Yes romance oozes out of his every pore! But we did have a great night away, and some great laughs along the way, (as well as a row or two!).

      1. Funnily enough, that situation sounds very familiar, a long-suffering wife and husband who can sometimes be a bit tone deaf when it comes to romantic gestures. Now, where have I come across that before? Hmm, let me see…

  3. Hehehe…. at least you got to go. I guess?!! Hope you enjoyed. We recently spent our 18th anniversary in a 5 start hotel….and golf was played. On both days!! I simply enjoyed the pool and spa then joined him for lunch. With wine. Of course….
    Congratulations 🙂 x

    1. Thanks. I like the golf more than he does!
      Congrats on your 18th. Where did you go? We went to Lough Erne in enniskillen.
      Oh and we had wine!

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