I’ll have a drink while we wait!

I was not going to post tonight, but I have to. I have to try to explain what I feel, to try to let those of you who are not here in Ireland today understand what this extraordinary day has meant to so many.

Large numbers have spent the past week listening in despair to so many trying to explain their reason for voting ‘no’. We feared defeat. I feared how I could live in a country whose citizens rejected my brother and all those who chose homosexual love.

However, last night we began to hope. On twitter we watched #hometovote. We saw the airports filling up with those who were making their way home to vote. Surely the majority were returning home to vote yes?yes to love

Today I woke up and saw my brothers facebook post, photos of two polling cards, he had titled ‘the golden tickets’. I smiled and thought about the four polling cards we have in this house.

All day I tuned into the radio, demented for news. There was none, it is not allowed. Instead I looked at social media for hope. I read of three nuns going into a polling station and one smiling and commenting ‘Don’t make any assumptions’. I saw a photo of 101 year old kitty off to vote ‘yes’ and I read of a woman texting her father, gently reminding him of his young grandchildren, and I hoped we had another vote we may not have had.

Then after 3pm today, I left the house with three of my children. The two eldest have the vote. I cannot tell you how I felt, such a mix of pride and elation to be getting this chance to make history. I only wished my brother could see us all. How proud he would have been, and I suspect a little emotional, to know his niece and nephew were so happy and determined to vote for his rights.

Tonight we wait. The word is the turnout is large, with a lot of young and first time voters. Again surely that means we can hope?

So as I write I may just have a little glass of wine, in anticipation of good news tomorrow. How wonderful if the people of Ireland live up to the reputation they have of being a warm, friendly and kind nation. Dare I hope?

Oh dear I am coming over all emotional!

Until tomorrow…SlΓ‘inte.

PS. Happy birthday to Duncan on madhatters (a blog that had it’s eight year anniversary this year). Cheers.

photo credit: PhoTones_TAKUMA via photopin cc

45 thoughts on “I’ll have a drink while we wait!

    1. How lovely a comment, and how true. In a sense that is probably why we feel so strong because over many years those who are gay have quietly over come all obstacles through love. This is one of the last, but most important to fall (we hope)

  1. Best of luck to all waiting for that good news. To listen while you wait–here is Vienna Teng’s City Hall (we listened at my sister’s much-waited-for wedding)

    1. I only got to see this yesteday. Lovely, thanks for the link. I’m not sure if my brother will ever get married, but at least he can if he wishes to.

  2. It is wonderful to see so much interest in something so important. The latest news is that there is going to be an historic turnout. The figure of two million voters was used by one…I can’t help but wondering what the political landscape would look like if there was even half the interest in local and general elections. We could really hold people’s feet to the fire…I’m rambling on now! But this is a historic moment and if things go our way then we should savour it!

    1. Ha I’m like a stuck record saying the same thing to my kids about voting but it’s not going down well. Imagine if we win well? How amazing would that be, but I still fear what tomorrow may bring. My heart says ‘surely it’s a yes’ and my head says ‘remember all those you heard arguing no during the week’.

      1. I’m the opposite my head says this is in the bag. The huge turnout. Every single poll puts the Yes vote as a winner. The incredible backing it got from government and celebrities. The youth participation. For me all that is left is how big a margin it is. I’m really interested in the number the No side get. These things always fascinate me. I’m a numbers kind of guy.

  3. Millions of us here in the USA are praying for a Yes vote for Ireland as well. We’ve had to fight this out for years on a state-by-state basis. Most states had it decided in the courts. Why couldn’t our government trust us with an up/down vote? Our media are allowed to cover it, but our media also bypasses hopeful stories from other countries in favor of war and US politics. All we’re hearing about today is Hillary Clinton’s emails and ISIS.

    This is an extraordinary, historic occasion, one you’ll be able to share your memories of in decades to come. It’s not every day that love wins.

  4. I hope to hear good news from you tomorrow!! I agree that love is love, and hopefully the voters will agree it’s long past time for equal rights. It’s exciting to be part of a wave of hope all over the world, from Hawaii to New York (where I am today), to Ireland!

  5. I’ll be raising a glass of vino tonight in NZ, in complete faith and expectation that people will put people first and not the historical binds that seem forever to rein and curtail our freedoms.

    1. We are waiting for the final announcement, but it’s definitely a big fat yes! Very proud to be a part of this today.

  6. Yes! As I write this, I know the full official results are a few hours off, but so thrilled that the media are all saying it is a yes – just waiting to see the percentage of the vote. I’m so happy for you, your family, and all of Ireland!

    1. Thank you Joanne. What a great day. The sun is shining and the atmosphere is electric. I’m waiting for the final announcement on this historic day.


    1. We can breathe again. What a victory, I hoped the country would vote yes, but never thought it would be so huge.
      My youngest burst into tears when she heard this morning. It’s very personal in this house as you can imagine. A proud day to be Irish.

    1. A great day here. Thank you so much for celebrating alonside us. We are waiting with impatience for the final announcement, but it’s a definate yes. I’m very proud to be a part of this, and proud of my country today.

        1. bad comment there – pressed send without finishing – coming from grandparents who were quite liberal for their day – I know they would be so of Ireland if they were alive today – for my grandmother often said that Ireland needs to come to the times! Congrats to your family and Ireland…

  8. christ on a bike, tric – are they counting the votes on their bloody fingers ?

    we have general elections in the UK and the results start trickling through 3-4 hours after the polls close

    we had a referendum in Scotland just a few weeks ago and we knew hours after the polls closed what the result was

    how the hell is it taking so long for the irish to count the votes in this case – are you still using an abacus ?

    1. Haha. It’s been a long day alright, and I’ve been glued to the television, but feck I have just missed the announcement!
      Here we have not moved into modern times when it comes to voting. We vote using a pen marking an x on a page and then all votes are hand counted. It is tedious. You should see how long it takes in a general election.

  9. When I woke up to go pee super early this morning, I checked Facebook and another friend posted that it had passed and I was so happy for you and for Ireland and for the world as this will have an impact on other countries! I’m sending you great big hugs and tears of happiness!

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