Welcome to Allihies. West Cork, Ireland.

I have returned, reluctantly, to the real world after an amazing weekend in Allihies, courtesy of “yer man”, as a gift for my birthday. In almost twenty years of visiting, I have rarely seen the skies so blue. The words of  William Henry Davies sprang to mind on more than one occasion.

“What is this life if, full of care,
We have no time to stand and stare”

photo 1 (1)


 Nestled beneath the hills I give you Allihies.

photo 1 (2)

This was the view from our house.

So, now I invite you to come for a small stroll with me, around the village of Allihies.




Leaving the village lets walk out the road.


Scree mountains Allihies

And take a moment to look at the scree mountains on our right.




 As we come to the end of the road we look out to sea.



And pause to stare….


Before arriving at the beach.


After a spell of Irish chat where we sit and speak at length about the weather. we head back to the village, where we might have spent a bit of time that night in the pub.


photo (34)

But not before we saw the sun go down on a perfect day.

32 thoughts on “Welcome to Allihies. West Cork, Ireland.

  1. Thank you for the tour and a peek into your country. I am absolutely fascinated by its beauty. Perhaps there is some Irish in my blood I’m not aware of!

    1. Yes Jackie, me too. I do love looking at rolling green hills and they can look so pretty, but I love the wildness of the rocky, scree mountains, and the fact they will still be standing long after I am not.

    1. As you can imagine I’d highly recommend a visit. It’s like stepping back in time, no caravan parks or big crowds. I love it. Mind you it’s not easy living in the reality that is today after such a great break. Waaahhh.

  2. Ah Tric….so lovely. But then again…..no matter where YOU are, you are in Ireland. 😉 But how much more special when in Ireland to get away to a special place in Ireland. You can’t beat that. 😉

    1. Sigh. I’m mixed up this morning. I don’t know if I am relaxed and rejuvenated after being there, or struggling to re adjust to reality. I knew you’d enjoy this photos.

    1. I love that line Lorie it is exactly how I feel about Allihies. Thanks so much, I’ll have to google that song as you have me curious now

        1. I enjoyed that. I hadn’t figured it was rocky mountain high. It’s a great accompaniment to this post. Thank you.

      1. I don’t – I’ll have to inquire from my sister because she went to Ireland a few years ago and stopped in my grandparent’s hometown of Cork and visited a great aunt of ours – before she knew it people were coming in the front door – word had gotten out that Frank’s and Margaret’s Granddaughter was there – she met many family members that day!

      1. Doing great. The only thing I write these days are academic essays for College, will be glad when I get a few months off for the summer.

        Take care.

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