My Life, A Dream That Didn’t Come True.

It’s a busy week and my youngest is celebrating becoming a teenager. However just in case you are missing me here is a very old post I like, written before many of you began to follow me, which I hope you enjoy. It’s written the way I used to write all my posts, as if I was speaking instead of writing an essay! I hope you enjoy it.

My thoughts on a page.

As a child I dreamed of being a mom,
to eight children.
I never really thought about the dad.small_2715436546
In fact when I played with the boy next door,
He got to be the dad,
and in the game that meant he went to work,
(around the side of the house),
and spent hours there,
waiting for me to tell him it was time to come home!

When I got older,
I dreamed of making the Olympics.
Every spare minute I trained,
in and out of the pool.
School was something I did to keep my parents happy.

As a teenager I did not dream of what I would do after finishing school.
I didn’t have to.
I knew without any doubt that I would be a nurse.

When I was nursing my Dad got sick.
He got motor neurone disease.
His illness didn’t stop me dreaming of the day,

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2 thoughts on “My Life, A Dream That Didn’t Come True.

  1. How in the world can I thank you for sharing this?

    ” However in my life,
    I have a partner I love,( most days).
    friends that others envy,
    and four amazing children,
    who are my reason to breathe.”

    So many days I think that you write my life.

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