My writing update.

I know you are all mad anxious to find out how my creative writing course is going? It sounds so high brow doesn’t it, ‘creative writing’? As if I am some sort of apprentice booker prize author, when in reality I’m just one of many bloggers who enjoys writing. I do of course wonder what is the difference between a ‘real’ author and me? What makes a good story, and could I ever write one? Hence the course.

Well thankfully I am continuing to really enjoy it. Now Daniels anniversary and birthday sadness have passed I am finding it so much easier to write. I have freed up one morning (not every week, but most weeks) and this has made a huge difference. It is giving me time to read, to think, and to write. Over the past few months we have spent time learning about characterization, point of view (who knew there were so many?)’the moved character’, (that sounds very writerish doesn’t it?) and dialogue. At the end of each module we get an assignment or two to complete. I had not realised how difficult they would be, but once I completed them I found I had enjoyed the challenge. The problem is that once I have the assignments finished I then sit looking at them for days, editing and wondering, do they fit the brief, and are they an embarrassment. Each time I press ‘send’ to submit them I do so with a ridiculous amount of angst, which has not diminished over the months.

Then the best bit, as within a week I get my ‘homework’ back. When I see the email arrive I wish I had no children or responsibilities, as I want to drop everything to read it. The feedback is so helpful. I am slowly understanding how a story works, and as I re read my assignments with the feedback creative writingcomments added, I think, “why did I not see that?”.

The latest module I have found particularly interesting, and the assignment seemed really doable. I was asked to come up with about six opening lines for a story, in which the action begins; no preface, just straight in to the action. Great I thought, at last an easy assignment. Part two of our ‘homework’ was to pick one of them and write a story, a page long. The ending was in some way to link to the opening.

So I sat down to begin and… nothing.  It was not as easy as I thought. I wrote what I thought were great openers, but a few hours later I re read them and I can only describe them as ‘boring’. I re wrote, and re wrote, and now a week later I am still doing so and you guessed it, I’m not satisfied. However even though they are not perfect I thought you might be interested in what I’ve come up with so far, so here goes…

I quickened my step, not daring to look back, as I heard the car creep along.

My heart was pounding as I lay in the darkness listening to the unmistakable creak of a footstep on the stairs.

Looking around at my children’s happy faces, laughing and shouting over each other, I knew I could not tell them.

I ducked as low as I could, hoping to blend into my seat, as I recognised the young couple getting on the bus.

Picking up the post my heart was racing, as the red envelope caught my eye, he had not forgotten.

It was only a moment in time, perhaps not even a second long, maybe it wasn’t him?

I saw her again on Friday at the school gates, looking less scared. Maybe I had been mistaken?

Picking up the photo of my beautiful smiling boy, weakened by the midnight hour and two glasses of wine, I let my tears flow.

Of those titles I have already picked one and written my story about it, but I am not going to tell you which one, well not just yet anyway. I am now doing my usual edit and re edit, but I promise I will brave it and share here when it is finished, hopefully within the next few days.

Now I’ve said it I have to do it. Gulp.

photo credit: It’s Arguable Whether I Had Any in the First Place via photopin (license)

25 thoughts on “My writing update.

  1. Those all sound inviting and I know you will do well.

    I took a class once from a journalist and one of his guest speakers taught me a great lesson. How he got started was by having a broken leg. While he was recuperating, a family member gave him a name brand VCR when they were very new. He opened it up and reached for the instructions. The instructions must have been written by someone with English as a second language – it was terrible! He took his time and finally figured out how to connect the VCR. During that time he completely rewrote the owner’s manual and then sent it to the manufacturer. He promptly received a rather handsome check in the mail. 🙂

  2. Well done Tric! Brilliant! Just brilliant! I sit here and raise my cuppa Chai tea to you. Just for you. A nice, spicy little tea. Daggone it. I should have had my Lyons! I’ll have that tomorrow!

    1. Did you mention tea and call yourself a friend! I will admit on the QT that today I did not abide by the four cup rule (and I think I got away with it)
      Hope you enjoy the story when I eventually stop editing it.

      1. I know I will enjoy it. And yes I mentioned tea because I was going to drink that extra cup of tea FOR you. We’ll get this ironed out by the end of Lent Tric. 😉 And by then we’ll have that story edited on your end, and read on this one.

  3. I liked the last one the most. That’s the one that made me want to know more… Why not just use Jackie’s comment? It has an intriguing beginning, is filled with drama, and even has a happy ending. LOL! Of corpse, they’re all good! It will be interesting to see which one you chose. More interesting still to post the finished composition. Hmmm? Pretty please with cinnamon?

    1. Thank you that was hugely helpful, as in my opinion that is the one which is most like the way I write, so it took no real thought, but I wondered what others would think of it.
      Haha I agree with you about Jackies comment. In fact since I began this assignment I am finding beginnings everywhere.
      I promise I will indeed post the end result and fingers crossed I’ve not killed it in all the edits.

      1. I’ll be on the look out for that! Thanks for a beautiful reply tric… That’s a great start! You seem very warm and friendly, and you know how much first impressions count…

  4. I am anxious to read your story! I know which beginning I prefer, but I’ll see what your pick is! I did get to read a sampling of your published work via amazons preview section! Wonderful!!

        1. I signed up for a short story creative writing course online, and I cannot believe how much i am enjoying it, and learning from it. The story could be a major disappointment to you, I’d not get my hopes up.

  5. I like all of the beginnings except the first. It just didn’t grab more. I think I might just try one or two as story starters and see what happens. If i do I’ll make sure you see it before I post it.

    1. Thanks Corina that is really helpful. I see now I had forgotten to finish the first sentence which should have ‘behind me’ at the end, but like you I didn’t like it. It was lacking the fear. I’d love to read yours if you use any of them, or ones of your own feel free to post them as you wish.

  6. Gwan the tric. I hope it’s the one that I want oooh oooh ooooh.

    You could always let your readership suggest an opening line for a story sometime. You’d never know where it might take you on the page. G’luck.

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