You could say I made a boob, which in Ireland means a mistake!oops

Yesterday I posted a post by the writer of the blog “Small boobs, big smile”. It was a beautifully written post which she had contributed to my second chance repost.

Ironically I gave it a second chance but forgot to put in any link to her brilliant blog. She blogs about her cancer, treatment and a whole lot more, in a light hearted and honest way. It is well worth checking out.

So Jackie I hope you can forgive the oversight, and to those reading, especially those who have travelled the same journey or know someone else who is, you should check her lovely blog out here.

I am away for the night at my moms house, and have  just collected two of my daughters from a One Direction concert. It was my youngest daughters first concert, and by the sound of her tonight, it is not one she will forget in a hurry.

So you can  look forward to another repost tomorrow, this time from a fellow Irish blogger. It’s a beauty.

In the meantime I am sitting in my old home and remembering many many happy days.





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