Celebrating all that you were.

The weather in Ireland at the moment is beautiful. It is warm, and sunny with clear blue skies. The countryside around where I live is beautiful in such weather, and even though I am living here a long time I never tire of looking at it. When I do it lifts my DSCF0025spirits and I feel my batteries recharge.

I have spoken before of the regular walks I take with my friends, in particular the young warriors mom. Today I walked it again, with two great friends.
As often happens during the walk having spoken on many topics our conversation turned to young Daniel. How much he is missed. My friend spoke of going to her house in West Cork last week, a place where Daniel and his siblings had run wild. As she was looking across to the pier she saw a car arrive and the doors open. Out jumped four children who all ran in different directions before jumping off into the sea. She was transported back to the life she took for granted two short summers ago. And then she remarked, “I will spend a lifetime looking for him”. And we had to agree.

As the first Summer arrives there will be many more times when we see four children enjoying life, and we will forever think of how four became three. However we are also reminded of the wonderful life Daniel enjoyed so much, and the huge effect he had on those he has left behind. Not least his friends and companions.

Last week his basketball team won the All Ireland Final. Dan had known they were very good and last year he had hoped to get back to school with the sole intention of being part of that team. During the winning speech his team mates aged thirteen, remarked that they had each carried a bit of Dan with them during the game. Then they finished off their speech by asking everyone to join with them in a one minute clap for Dan.

I thought it was a lovely happy way to remember him, and definitely one which he would have thoroughly enjoyed if he had been there to witness it.
Who knows maybe he did.

19 thoughts on “Celebrating all that you were.

  1. i know it is sad and there will be sad moments ahead, but the beauty of what you are seeing from others is wonderful and i think you may be right about him knowing….

  2. The emotion that comes through in your posts is so real.. Makes my heart ache for your loss… It’s so important to remember the good times, they’ll stay with you always..

    1. Yes, thanks Sara. The thing is that I am learning that grieving is a way of remembering your loved one, in a given day. A time when you get to really think back and smile or cry, and connect once more.

  3. I have only known Daniel through your posts about him, but you have made me care about him and his family. Hugs to all of you!

      1. You’re welcome. And, thanks for your kind thoughts. I’m doing ok. It’s hard to get through but I will. Sure do miss him!

  4. The odd thing about all this, Tric, is that I feel I’m getting to know Daniel through you and that’s an honour. I love the way you say he wanted to go back to school to get onto his beloved basketball team. That certainly resonates and I love him for that!!!
    It certainly seems that he left a huge impact on his team mates and I suspect they will carry him in their hearts forever. They sound like a truly great bunch.

    Hugs, j

    1. Yes. Since Dan died so many young children and teenagers have shown themselves to be exceptional.
      I’m delighted to hear you feel you have got to know Dan through reading my posts. It feels nice to know he is remembered.

  5. So beautiful, Tric. I love that his little spirit lives on through your blog. You are also writing about how others are paying tribute to him all in one place, which is lovely thing for his family to see whenever they are ready to x

    1. Thanks April. It is lovely to keep his memory alive here, as this time last year we could never have imagined this outcome.

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