A single white feather…

It’s the Summer, the weather has been reasonable and the days continue to drift by. It’s probably been the best Summer I’ve ever enjoyed as my gang are all independent, we’ve had days out, enjoyed holidays and when we are at home together life is easy. Yes all is good. However, there are moments when … More A single white feather…

My favourites #4

Here is number 4 in my list of five favourite posts I’ve written (inspired by Kate takes 5). This post was written at a time of great hope. My close friends son aged 13 had been in treatment for leukemia. After eight months intensive chemotherapy a bone marrow match was found. He had a chance. … More My favourites #4

Today is THE day.

Today you woke up as usual ready to greet another day. For most or you today will not be one you will ever recall. For us we will never forget it. As I sit here an amazing journey is beginning. Somewhere many miles away in the United States, a young woman is leaving her home … More Today is THE day.

Words unspoken

I went for a final walk with my friend today, and tried to say “Good bye”. We spoke at length on our two hour walk, and yet so much was left unsaid. She and her husband are leaving their home, and three of their children, to go to Dublin with their young son, for a … More Words unspoken