Second chance guestpost.

I asked for that one post you bloggers would choose to repost for a second outing.. Last night I received this one, and as May 10th is the special day mentioned I have decided to post it today. For you mewhoami and your stepfather on his birthday.

As I was going through my old posts, there is one that struck a chord with me above all the others. When I wrote this post, I had no idea of how real it was about to become. One month after it was published, I lost my step-father. He became very ill, placed in ICU, diagnosed with Leukemia (AML) and passed away…all within a two week time frame. His birthday is tomorrow, May 10th, and oh how I wish I had more moments to spend with him. Maybe this post will encourage others to cherish their loved ones, before it’s too late.

Wasted Moments

There are so many moments in our lives that we take for granted. Wasted moments. I don’t believe that in most instances this is done on purpose. Rather, we get so caught up in the every day tasks of life that we find ourselves “too busy” for anything else.

Perhaps you’re too busy to play a game of catch with your son or to rejoice with him over the three pointer he made in PE. Maybe you’re too busy to play dress up with your daughter or to participate in her magical tea party.

Maybe your work week is so hectic that you can’t squeeze in a ten minute phone call to your Dad or drop by to have coffee with your Mom. Perhaps your summer is so packed full that you have no more time to visit your loved ones.

Could it be though that you only think that you are too busy? At the end of a long day, it is very easy to put things off until tomorrow. You’re tired, stressed and trying to find solutions for every day issues.

But, while you’re focusing your time and energy on everything else around you, your daughter is having tea alone, your son is playing catch by himself and your parents are getting another day older.shutterstock_99409871-211x300 (1)

We waste so much time on tasks, that in the grand scheme of things, really don’t matter all that much. We’re not going to be buried with our job, our college degree, our money, cars or houses. But, even though we know this, we still place these things above what’s really important in life. Our family and our friends are pushed to the side and we take for granted many of the opportunities we are given to cherish them. We go about our days as if there will always be tomorrow.

Then, the day comes when there are no more opportunities. Your child is tragically ripped from your life in a car accident. Your parents succumb to a sudden illness or advanced age.

It is awful that we so often wait until someone’s funeral to finally gather as a family. Perhaps even for the first time in decades. Don’t you think that your loved one would want the opportunity to enjoy such a special occasion with you, when they finally have all their family together in one place? Of course they would! So, why then do we wait and only do this when they can no longer be a part?

Tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow…we say. But, tomorrow never comes. Today is tomorrow. This moment, right now, is the only moment that we are guaranteed.

Don’t be “too busy” to love and to cherish others. Take hold of the opportunities you are given, no matter how big or small, because once a moment has passed, it is gone forever.

shutterstock_99409871-211×300 (1)

23 thoughts on “Second chance guestpost.

    1. Thank you, Olivia. Each passing year and the circumstances that occur during those years has a way of opening our eyes to just how quick life goes by.

    1. Marie, that is so true. It’s so easy to take simple moments for granted, without considering that it could be the last moment we’re given. I don’t know if this is the quote, but it’s fitting. “Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things.” Robert Brault

    1. Ksbeth, I think we all need this reminder every now and then. It’s so easy to go about our lives, without considering what precious moments we are allowing to pass us by.

  1. Thank you so much for bringing to the front of my mind what today (Mother’s Day) is all about. My mother passed in October 2012, and I can’t wish her those wishes. But you have triggered an idea. The post I will write today is a letter to my mother.

    1. Karen, I’m so sorry to hear that. It is so difficult to lose a loved one, especially a parent. I’m glad that this inspired you to write a letter your mother, and I’m going to head over to read it.

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