Letter number 14

Letter number 14 in “a series of letters” is written by the blogger AshleyNicole

A Silent Love Letter.

As my eyes gently open this morning and expose my mind to this world of troubles, I find that it is your enigmatic soul they drift to. I subconsciously exhale with the liberation my love for you brings, and in this small moment of my infinitesimal life I am at peace.

The lines that so perfectly surround your face give hints to your mysterious story and I must resist reaching out and tracing them with my fingertips. Your eyes are hidden from my sight as you sleep, but the dark color that keeps hidden the depths of your soul and the memory of their piercing glance still lingers within the confines of my heart.

I remember so clearly the night we first met. Your face was never one of a stranger’s and the connection my spirit felt towards yours was one of instant recognition. The veins that led to your heart had a story to tell and as my curious eyes rested upon yours, I was forever imprisoned by the beautiful vagueness that surrounded you.

My heart now beats to the same rhythm as yours and a thousand secret memories we have shared flit across my mind as if they were a silent picture from the 1920s. Words created by imperfect humans cannot describe the perfect love I feel towards you, and it is with the art and connection of our souls I compel you to understand the meaning you hold in my life.

A silent breath escapes my lips as your eyes flutter and finally open to meet mine. Without a word spoken, you gently grasp my hand within your own and place it upon your heart. In this moment, I know what we share is real. “I love you dearly,” our hearts silently say. And we smile with the completeness this knowledge brings.

I am yours forever.


*** Have you a letter to someone you would love to write? A first love? A letter to a younger you? Someone you wish to thank? Maybe a confession? Or a letter to someone who has made your life difficult?
I am still taking contributions to this series of letters. Check out the guidelines for submission or just contact me with any queries. You can read previous contributions using the “series of letters” link.

5 thoughts on “Letter number 14

  1. Everyone should know this kind of love at least once in their lifetime, whether that is who they end up with or not.

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