My kids are so lucky to have a mother like me!

Do you remember all the wonderful things your mother taught you? No I thought not, neither do I.
However as a mother that has never stopped me trying to teach my gang a few of life’s important lessons. This weekend was no exception.

Last Saturday night I took my role as a teacher and mentor to a whole new level. My children are growing up and are experiencing all sorts of pressures, most particularly when they are out with their peers.

So, purely in the best interests of my children, I went out Saturday night with a large group of friends. In a most selfless act of motherhood I abandoned my usual care and showed them exactly what happens when you forget all responsibilities. When you ignore the fact you must get up early the next morning. When you disregard what is a sensible volume of drink to consume. When you enjoy laughing and socialising for more hours than you should. When you forget to take note of exactly which is the one drink that’s one too many.

Yes, I know you are in awe of me. A definite candidate for mother of the year. Not one word of a lie, I did all that for my credit: <a href="">David Boyle in DC</a> via <a href="">photopin</a> <a href="">cc</a>

The following day my family watched in wonder, as a ghost like figure shuffled around the house in the body of their mother. All problems were met with a pre programmed response, “Does this face look like it can help you?”.

At one stage I rallied. It was a Sunday. The day we all eat together. I tried, honestly I did. Now those who follow me on facebook know what happens next but in the interest of full disclosure I’ll share my sorrows once more. At about 1.30pm I wandered into the kitchen to investigate the source of a toxic smell. It was truly vile. It was coming from ‘the dinner’. On further investigation I discovered I had indeed peeled potatoes for five, but somehow I’d failed to put any water in the pot to boil them. One saucepan and a million potatoes ruined! Despite open windows and doors it took hours to rid the house of my mistake. Thankfully my eldest daughter suggested a massive fry, so all thoughts of a Sunday lunch were abandoned.

The day went on forever, but through my pain I continued to think of my family. I was heard to say regularly, “This is what happens when you go out early and forget to come home.”

I can only hope they remember their lesson and I am never again called on to repeat it.

47 thoughts on “My kids are so lucky to have a mother like me!

      1. My children remember and laugh at me and none of them drink much…They had an alcoholic father who deserted them in life…my Daughter in Ireland goes out with her fiends and has a bit better tolerance than I but it’s hard for her to make friends because she’s always the American…in a small Irish town

        1. Oh I’m sorry she has not settled in 100%. An alcoholic father would take a lot of the pleasure out of alcohol i’d say.

  1. Ha! I think I need to teach my grown children (and the husband) the same lesson and should offer myself up as the sacrifice for their benefit. They are sorely in need of a lesson on responsibility (or lack thereof) and I feel sorely in need of letting go of the title “Responsible Party”.

  2. It’s only February and you’re already a candidate for mother of the year. Hey, sometimes it takes a realistic situation to teach our kids. You can just chalk this one up to a “This is what you shouldn’t do” lesson.

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