These things I do.

In any given day I do many things over and over. Some make sense, others don’t.

I punctuate the day with boiling the kettle a million times to make tea. Sometimes I admit I’m thirsty, other times it is just an excuse to sit down and stop whatever I am doing.

I walk past the mirror in the hall purposely looking the other way so I don’t have to look at the person I don’t feel I am. I am young, good looking and about twenty. Yer wan who looks back at me is definitely not she!

I lock the bathroom even if no one is at home, and I lock the front door before I shower.

I put the dishes into the sink sometimes so I can’t actually see them instead of washing them. I then wash them just before anyone comes home!

I regularly put clean socks back in the wash basket in the hope they will find their pair, and because I am sick looking at them around the house.

I walk into my daughters bedroom when she is not there. She is in college away from home. While I am in there I spend a few minutes looking at the many photos she has stuck all over her room. I marvel at how she has grown up, at her lovely smile, and how happy she always seems to be.

I walk into my sons bedroom who is also away from home and quickly leave, wondering how the hell he did that to his room in just two days.

Sometimes I don’t answer the phone because I want to be alone.4531_beechwood_hall7_i

When I go to the top of the stairs there are times when I look at the Sylvanian families town set up there, and I smile remembering the many hours of fun my children had with those toys, and then sometimes I look at them and I am heavy hearted, as I see the dust gather because no little hands have played with them.

In the evening I feel I am not fully relaxed without putting on my cosy pyjamas. Definitely a time to avoid the mirror!

I love my wine… a drop each night gives me divine inspiration.

I used to have an electric blanket (and a husband) Β to heat the bed up, but the blanket broke. I only remember at bed time that I must replace it. Thankfully my husband still works.

I go to bed way too late every night, but late at night is my favourite time of the day.

I also like to say ‘feck’, ‘Jesus’, ‘for Gods sake’ regularly, but not all together.

I slam doors very very loudly when I am mad.

I usually forget I am mad very quickly.

I write ridiculous posts regularly and then never publish them, I have 175 in my drafts folder. Maybe this will be another one.

These are just a few of the things I do, that I will admit to, there are many more.

How about you?

*** I found this in my drafts folder. I thought I might as well release it.

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22 thoughts on “These things I do.

  1. I rarely swear for several reasons and I don’t drink wine very often and alcohol even less. I do, however, let the answering machine take calls that are not for me or that I do not want to take. Before the answering machine I got nailed with calls that stole my time and peace of mind. One caller in particular would call as much as 6 to 8 times a day. It was like getting a new lease on life to get that machine. I returned all her calls in one call when I knew her husband would be home and it would be a short call. πŸ™‚

  2. Challenge accepted:

    I make a “dripping” sound with my mouth.
    I sigh regularly, and most of the time it doesn’t mean anything
    I regularly touch a wall or piece of furniture when I walk past
    I sleep with my phone on the neighboring pillow in case a friend needs to chat
    When working, I like to throw things from hand to hand or spin them in my hand (spatulas, bread knives, etc)

  3. I do a lot of these things too πŸ™‚ especially getting into my pjs as soon as I’m in the door lol it’s the best way to get comfortable xx

    1. I try to leave it as late as my kids would live in theirs if I didn’t discourage them. I’ve had to make a rule that no one is allowed at the kitchen table unless they are dressed.

  4. i love this tric, very honest and open, as always is your style. it’s relaxed and easy to read, like talking to a friend in a comfortable conversation. ps – i never make my bed, and only clean when i have company coming. my irish friend (from donegal) who lives nearby, and i always just pop over to each other’s houses without notice or judgement and i am happy for that )

    1. Thanks beth. Ah sure we’re all friends here! A Donegal friend I can’t believe it. My parents and cousins are from Donegal a really beautiful place.
      I am terrible for making the bed too and regularly throw up the Duvet just as my husband arrives home!
      Arriving unanounced to a friends house is something we do all the time here in Ireland and something we really miss when we travel so I’d say your Donegal pal is delighted to have you.

      1. so funny, she’s the one who taught me to do that, and says it’s one thing she found that american’s generally don’t do. i do like the freedom of that. (as long as it’s not my ex mother in law, of course) )

        1. When we lived in Australia we too ‘educated’ a few friends to our unannounced arrivals. Sadly over here it could be anyone.

  5. This was a funny read. We all have our own peculiar habits :). Can’t believe how many drafts you have! I only have one! And about 5 in my head. Although last week I was advised that having 8500 unopened emails was unusual so I’m beginning to delete them.
    And btw you have a very young face

    1. Did I ever tell you how fantastic I think you are! Young face indeed.
      Olivia my 175 drafts are a nothing compared to your thousands of unopened emails. You might even have won the Spanish Lotto in there or have someone in Nigeria looking to give you money. You really don’t know what you are missing.

  6. Ah Tric – an artist in your own right or should that be write? Did someone mention wine.- definitely not grapes of wrath. Where do those other socks get themselves to, that bothers me no end not half as much as it bothers its mate I guess – better put a sock in it as they say before I put my foot in it. Great post by the way. Continue rummaging in the drafts folder.

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