Freshly Impressed #11

It is time again for my “Freshly Impressed” post once again. Who inspired or amused me this week? For those who are new to this blog, this is a post I write which highlights bloggers who wrote something I really enjoyed. It allows me to introduce the post and the blogger to you. I hope … More Freshly Impressed #11

After twenty years, I still can’t understand my husband!

As I write on this blog most nights I realise that at times my Irish/English does not translate. There is an ocean between Ireland and some readers, which can result in minor misunderstandings at times. This is quite understandable. But I wonder do you all realise that within our small country of approximately four million … More After twenty years, I still can’t understand my husband!

What do you see?

For twenty eight years, he has been in my life. So many seasons, months, days and hours. Shared. As I look in the mirror, I see in my face, those twenty eight years. I am no longer a young teenager, feisty, mouthy and full of ambition. I see the dyed, almost purple, hair, the sun … More What do you see?