Outing Eric Robillard, Le Clown, The Magnificent – the predator with the red nose.

This is one very brave lady, as she outs a blogger who fooled so many. Be careful who you trust online.

"As For Me, I am a watercolor

le clown admits

In the not so distant past, I was invited to write a story for Black Box Warnings. It was more of a cross-emailing going on – I’d approached Le Clown first and in his reply, explained that Jen had already spoken to him about me. I was ecstatic. I started blogging a few months ago for one purpose: to get my writing hand back in shape in order to begin the grueling process of writing my memoir about growing up under the fist of a sexually abusive, narcissistic sociopathic mother, and then my life with a drug addicted and drug trafficking father whom I didn’t know until I was almost 16. Up until almost a year ago, I’ve only written and published poetry. My declarations were always hidden behind metaphors.  After I publicly outed my mother on a blog created specifically to house her outing which ultimately went viral…

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7 thoughts on “Outing Eric Robillard, Le Clown, The Magnificent – the predator with the red nose.

    1. I did. I didn’t “take” to him, but omg it is very shocking. It has really opened my eyes. Online relationships are so different to “real life” and there are a lot of vulnerable people online. I wanted to reblog because I know how difficult it is to out some one who is so “powerful”.

        1. Yes I think she was indeed very brave. Especially as reading the comments so many said it had happened to them or to a friend and the did nothing. She is definitely an exception.

        2. I am stunned by it all. I’ve been very lucky. I have had nothing but wonderful interactions with other bloggers and readers. People have been civil, respectful and kind even in their disagreements. This is a shame.

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