Christmas in November!

My youngest and I went into town today to do some clothes shopping.
Everywhere we went she would exclaim,
“Oh look, I see Christmas lights”.
They were not even turned on yet,
but just the sight of them excited her.

Now that Halloween is over,
Christmas is all she can think about.
Last week she began a countdown sheet to December 25th.
Every night she knocks off a day,
so we are all very aware how quickly it is approaching.

My other children are just as bad.
Even though my eldest is twenty two,
she admitted today that she could resist no longer,
and had begun to listen to Christmas songs.

I am a real “Bah humbug”.photo credit: <a href="">Brian_Kellett</a> via <a href="">photopin</a> <a href="">cc</a
As they get more excited I spend my time saying,
“Stop, it’s not even December”.

They are oblivious and discuss at length,
presents, clothes, holidays, decorations and songs.
My youngest wrote a wish list.
Her big dilemma is what exactly to ask Santa for.

Today after returning from town,
tired and more than a little in dread,
of that “most wonderful time of the year”,
I began to think “Am I getting old?”.

I used to love the magic of Christmas,
and never cared about the stress of shopping,
or the subsequent month of January.
Where did my Christmas spirit go?

I know some of it is down to my friends little boy.
There is the uncertainty of how he will be by Christmas.
Will we be celebrating?

However my anti Christmas feeling has to be more than that.
I decided to make an effort to try to embrace it more.
After all this is a very special time for my children.
What sort of memories do I want them to have in the future?

So tonight I heard that the first Christmas movie was on.
Did I huff and puff? No.
Did I mention it was still November? No.
I did even more. I sat down to watch it with them.
The Santa Claus.

Happily it is one of my favourites so it was no real credit: <a href="">Stuck in Customs</a> via <a href="">photopin</a> <a href="">cc</a>
The movie came on and I could feel it.
My hold on reality was lessening.
Old memories were returning.
Before I knew it I wished my sitting room looked festive.
I imagined the smell of the Christmas tree,
and the stockings hanging up.

As I watched this magical movie,
I remembered once more what Christmas was really about.
Not the religious aspect,
but the wonderful magical part of Christmas.
The part that makes children’s so very excited,
and allows us all to imagine the world,
through the eyes of a child.
Not the shopping, the cost or the commercialism,
but the holiday, the games and the family time.

Before I knew it I was wishing for Christmas!

photo credit: Brian_Kellett via photopin cc</a
photo credit:
Stuck in Customs via photopin cc

25 thoughts on “Christmas in November!

  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the ornament! It’s not that I dislike Christmas but I do not like the commercialism it brings. My family does not celebrate and I do not shop from November 15th until January 7th.

    1. Oh dear. Maybe you should watch the movie too! My mum hates it too with a passion, but my brother will probably put his tree up the week after next.

      1. I love the movies and watch them with family but we avoid the hoopla that can get expensive. I chuckle till January that I am not traipsing all over to buy gift – anything – to give someone even though they may not appreciate or need it.

  2. Aw that is so sweet. I found Christmas a real chore until I had kids. Just seeing that little look of wonder in their eyes gets me going now! One of my relatives put up their tree today..a little too early?

    1. Oh wow that is early. My gang would love to live there. I do love love love it once it gets to mid December, but it is beginning earlier than ever and I hate shopping of any sort. Christmas is brilliant when children are small in particular. I dread my youngest growing up and we are getting there.

  3. My daughter and I have almost completed our Christmas shopping and are thinking of getting them all wrapped, but we have a good reason. She has her baby on the 16th Dec by cesarean section and she already has an 18 month old little girl so I am going to be busy at her house and cooking Xmas dinner there! Not sure about Nanny Cool I’m thinking Super Nanny! Lol

    1. Oh wow. What excitement is ahead for you in December, and a lot of Christmases to come to enjoy with your grandchildren. How lovely. Best wishes I’m sure you’ll keep us posted on your new arrival.

  4. In our house, Emily is in the Christmas spirit all year long. I would love to keep the tree up all year long as well and just change the ornaments…. Birthdays, valentines, Easter and so on…. But I believe my husband might move out if I were to do that… I love him more than my idea of a year long tree in our house so I respect his wish of not to do anything about Christmas before his birthday (nov 28) and everything needs to be put away before my birthday (jan 14). I have to admit… Some years we celebrated Jon’s birthday before the actual date so Emily and I could start with the Christmas spirit, decorations, songs, baking, movies et so on…

    1. Aw you must really love him, or maybe the other way around! It all sounds just great. I would imagine Emily adores the excitement of Christmas, and it sounds like she is greatly encouraged by you. 🙂

  5. Danny wants that ornament! He is the biggest “Grinch” during the holiday season. Then, on Christmas Day, he is the biggest kid in the room. Go figure! As for me, I miss the days when Christmas ornaments and decorations went up after Thanksgiving and we took our tree down on January 1! This kept the excitement and the wonder of Christmas within a much shorter time frame.

    These days, the stores strip their stores and put up all the Christmas decorations the day after HALLOWEEN. I think this takes something away from a really special season.

    Great post and I’m hoping the “little warrior” is doing well.

    1. Thanks M.E. I think like you the longer it goes on the less of an occasion it becomes, but I am in the minority in this house. I do love it though and appreciate these are magic times when children are still around.
      The little warrior is hanging in there but we are all still very concerned. Thanks for asking.

        1. Thanks a million. We have had two very bad weeks but as I say he is still here and fighting. He is unbelievable. Your prayers would be very much appreciated by his family.

  6. We recorded it and I hope it will be a week or two before we watch it. I love Xmas but for me, it shouldn’t start till the late late toy show. I should be going to a conf on 30th but I’m not cos it would mean being away on 29th and missing the excitement of the kids for the toy show. Xmas does seem earlier this year with TV advertising etc. madness 🙂

  7. Hahaha I spent many a year bah-humbuging and hating Christmas, now I join the ranks of your over eager children and am sooo excited for it. I’m about ready to begin singing Christmas carols and drinking hot cocoa!

  8. Christmas is not that big in our family, but I love Christmas songs – never fails to bring a smile to my face, no matter which time of year. Glad you got your Christmas mood back 🙂

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