Unconventional love.

I have a lovely partner,
my husband of twenty two years,
and four wonderful children.
However I have a secret love.

I have kept this secret love,small__4128309194
for as long as I have known my husband.
It is not a conventional love,
and certainly not one I often speak of.

This love of mine is kept hidden away,
out of sight.
Yet I know it is always there for me.
When others are not around,
I can visit my love once more.

When I do I am transported back.
Back in time to the days when I was single.
I still had my own name,
and a lifetime of dreams ahead of me.
Me and my love went everywhere together.
Oh the tales my love could tell.

Today as a result of the daily prompt,
I felt compelled to revisit my love.
My feelings were unchanged.
I held my love in my arms once more,
and closed my eyes.
A million memories came flooding back.

However I have aged and so has my love.
Time has taken its toll on us both,
but particularly on my love.
Even I cannot pretend we can go on any longer.

So today I said my official Good-bye,small__724179521
to a lifelong companion.
I have faced up to the fact,
that our relationship is over.
We are no longer suited to each other.
One of the greatest constants in my life,
will no longer be a part of me.
Today I say farewell forever,
to my Doc Martin boots,
and the girl I used to be.

In response to the Daily Prompt Unconventional Love

Over the weekend, we explored different ways to love. Today, tell us about the most unconventional love in your life.ย 

photo credit: ยป Zitona ยซ via photopin cc
photo credit: ozjimbob via photopin cc

21 thoughts on “Unconventional love.

    1. He is yet to read it! I will enjoy watching his face as I “confess”. I must admit he was not too fond of my love.

    1. My kids were shouting out all kinds of things as I read it to them. When they read the end they laughed and said they should have known.

    1. Yes I have to admit they were brave words yesterday, but looked at them again today and returned them to the cupboard! Just cant be parted. Enjoy yours. I am a different person when I wear mine.

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