Call to action!

I’ve always wanted to use that “Call to action” shout, as I’ve read it often as a blogging tip, it sounds so rebellion like. Anyway sorry to disappoint but there’s no rebellion beginning here and no one I want to rally the troops to fight, (well except you know who in my last post, but I am so over that now!). However I am looking for parenting blog awards

The Irish Parenting Blog Awards are taking place in April and one of the categories is Best Blog Post. I have one or two posts in my own head I wrote during the year which I like, but I am wondering if there was any one in particular you remember and liked above others. If there is, and you have the time, can you add it in the comments? I’m not asking you to go and search for it, just give me an idea what it was about and I’ll find it (unless you read it on another blog and are crediting me with it, I kid you not I did that once).

Nominations are open until the end of March so we have plenty of time, but I am really interested to know what you enjoyed. Don’t forget it can be an older post, but must be within the past year.

Thanks, in anticipation of at least two people commenting!

photo credit: Dorpsomroeper / Town-crier via photopin (license)

12 thoughts on “Call to action!

    1. Thanks I didn’t want to be forcing people to read my posts, it seemed wrong somehow, but I think I’ll probably have to do that because it’s very hard to ask readers to remember posts as we read so many blogs.
      I’ll work on it!
      Thanks again.

    1. Ah here’s the rest of it! Before Daniel I used to write so many humorous posts…. sigh, I’m turning into a misery! Must find my fun side again, (for writing, I’m good enough craic in reality) 🙂

        1. The nominations are general, the voting is in house so no bugging our followers thankfully. I’ve decided to post tomorrow with three I like …. the twitter one is not there.. sorry.. although I do like it, but really do you think it is ‘award winning’, as I think it’s too difficult to ask anyone to come up with one.

        2. Ah right, gotcha. I know what you mean – in the context of awards, it probably would be eclipsed by the weightier, worthier topics. Awards seem to be characterised by that. Which is grand, if a bit of a pity at times, I have to admit. But with so many top posts to select from you’ll given the best of them a run for their money. G’luck 🙂

  1. i liked your ‘cinderella transformation’ one and your letters series and the one about your kids growing up and house getting quieter. oh, and you had a funny one about a trip….) i’m a fan obviously, but no memory for dates, names or details. hope i’ve helped a bit )

  2. oops, and your posts about the older gentleman who you befriended before he moved away to live with his son. those were beautiful.

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