Why did you write that?

As I sit down almost daily these days, to write stories from my past for my memoir, I am struck by how different each day is. There are days when I’ve no interest in exploring the darker side of my memory, the moments, days and even years of unpleasantness I’ve locked away. Instead I sit merrily typing, often smiling or giggling as I recall all that was good in my life.

No two days are the same. In fact, sometimes no two hours are.

So, tonight as I was writing I wondered what inspires others to write a post or story? That post you wrote today, yesterday or last week… why did you write it? Or perhaps you didn’t?

Was it a moment felt, or a thought that overwhelmed?
Leaving you with no choice but to abandon everything to tap on the keyboard, or put pen to paper?

Was it words spoken by someone else which could not go unanswered?
So much easier to do by writing than by actually answering.

Was it a sense of duty?
The promise we would stick to a schedule that taps away inside our heads and does not allow us to ignore its demands.

Was it an emotion which has built up inside?
Happiness, sadness, grief or celebration which bubbled beneath the surface, before breakingnanowrimo free, demanding we share.

Was it a compulsion?
An addiction so great you cannot function unless you have written or published something, anything.

Was it all of the above?
Every day a different calling which leads you to your blog to begin writing.

Or was it simply the joy of writing as it was for me today?
Moments snatched from a busy day spent in blissful silence looking at the promise of a blank screen with no particular thoughts in mind.
Just sitting down smiling foolishly as I abandoned all cares and responsibilities to enjoy whatever it was my fingers decided to write.

If you fancy letting me know about a post I’d love to know, (I’m nosy like that). And if you like put a link to your post so we can see for ourselves what you wrote, knowing why you wrote it.


14 thoughts on “Why did you write that?

  1. Great post, Tric, and for me, it’s usually an event, emotion, or sometimes even a line in a song will inspire a the beginning of a poem. But like you said, it’s also simply for the enjoyment. 🙂

  2. I would say it is a combination of them all. I have not worked on my memoir for several years now. When I got stuck on something that happened as a teenager, I left it there. I have not had the urge to write on it either for almost that long. There have been lots of happy times since then that would probably make for some great writing, but they are a reward for finishing the hard stuff so they will wait for a bit more.

  3. “Why did I write that last post Tric or the one previous and, and – just to keep the grey matter from getting any more grey – gosh I have only 48 more Greys (now 47) to go and I have a book!!!

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