You can’t win them all!

They say ‘Never work with children’. Well they may be right but sometimes they sure are fun. Recently I have been prompted by a group of young swimmers I am teaching, to ask myself, if I could rid the world of just one thing what would it be? My answer… digital clocks. Not world poverty … More You can’t win them all!

Big mistake!

Last week I went to a club swimming competition. It was there I made my big mistake! It was a fun event, with the over nineteen masters section, and teenagers entered. I arrived there to show support, to the teens I teach, and also to enjoy a bit of fun. As I watched everyone compete, … More Big mistake!

The Will To Win!

“Its not about winning or loosing, its all about doing your best, and enjoying taking part”. This is what we parents say to our children. And some of us actually mean it. Some of us definitely do not. I teach and coach swimming, and have seen all manner of parents. The ones who do not … More The Will To Win!