My favourites #3 Silence is the greatest enabler of abuse.

So here we go with number three among the five favourite posts I’ve ever written. When you read it you will understand why I say this is not an actual favourite as it’s content was difficult to share, however it marked a new beginning for me. Prior to writing this I’d only ever told one … More My favourites #3 Silence is the greatest enabler of abuse.

Keep Out.

As a child I was surrounded by family. My every emotion was on display, as were the emotions of my family. It was here that I learned that words roared and shouted in an argument, lived on well after the argument ended. Gradually I began to shout less, preferring to walk away usually with the … More Keep Out.

Home alone.

I am surrounded by silence. Twenty two years I have waited, and here it is at last. However it is not the pleasant quiet, that I dreamed about. There is an emptiness, which I had not foreseen, and a feeling of loss. I realize as I sit home alone, just how loud silence can be. … More Home alone.