Back to my roots.

I have just returned from a road trip, a family road trip in which my younger brother, my mother and I traveled for what seemed like six weeks to Donegal, (it was in reality an eight and a half hour round trip, but you get my drift). We were traveling to a relatives funeral, someone … More Back to my roots.

We have not forgotten.

Anniversaries. We all mark them. We say, ‘One week ago today’, or ‘This day last month’. Our birthdays, wedding anniversaries and memorable occasions. Today is October 7th. To some of you it is a Tuesday of little importance. To others it is an anniversary, a special day. Today October 7th is a significant anniversary in … More We have not forgotten.

Letting Go.

Ten months ago in our village, a young boy aged fifteen died. Every day since his funeral, his dad sits by his grave. He is sometimes joined by other family members, but mostly he’s alone. He arrives every day, early morning, and stays until after dark, leaving briefly at lunch and dinnertime to eat. I … More Letting Go.