Out Of Contact

To anyone who was disturbed,
today at approximately 12.30 Irish time,
I apologize.
If you were woken from your sleep,
I doubly apologize.
But that was the time I discovered,
my phone had fallen out of my bag.
ohmygodmyphonesgone!” was what you heard screamed wherever you were.

Initially I was numb.small__3349784801
It couldn’t be.
I searched in vain.
I checked all my pockets,
even places my phone could not fit!
Yes it was definitely gone.
The reality began to sink in.

I broke out in a sweat.
All my numbers…. gone!
No way of contacting anyone!
No one could contact me!
This was karma for writing posts about my daughters phone.

Despite the fact that my phone had been silent all morning,
I Immediately began to imagine,
the vast numbers of people who would need to urgently contact me.

Oh dear, what if lots of my swim teachers,
were not available to teach tonight?
My daughter was going to a friend’s house,
how would I make contact with her?
My friends would be texting,
when would they find out I was not ignoring them?
Some of those numbers I would never be able to replace.
Why had I never bothered getting a back up of my contacts?

Myself and my friend,small__2447013022
began to retrace our footsteps.
There were many of them,
as we had walked for over an hour!
I looked behind trees we never went near,
and walked parts of the walk we had not travelled,
such was my desperation!
When I returned to the car,
I turned it inside out,
even though I knew I had not left it there.

Eventually I had to face the facts,
it was gone.
I thanked my friend and headed home.

As I sat in my house,
I felt as if I was invisible to the world.
Cut off!
A few times I even thought of texting people,
to let them know I had lost my phone!

As the minutes went by I began to remember,
Life before mobile phones.
Was it really that bad?
Everything now has to be pre arranged.
It is not the done thing to just call by.
You are available 24/7.
In times gone by it was easier to take the house phone off the hook,
if you did not wish to be disturbed.
Would you really ever turn off your phone?
I know I don’t.
I put it on silent,
so I can still get texts and see who is ringing.
Not exactly the same as turning your phone off.

As I sat in my house I could feel myself relax.small__7317967922
It was nice to know I was out of reach.
I sat in that glorious silence,
for a whole 5 minutes.
Until my house phone rang!
Yes, my phone had been found.

As I headed off to my reunion,
I took stock of my phone free time.
It was good to really experience phone free peace.
However I do love company,
even 24/7.

When I once again held my phone,
The screen was blank.
Not one call or message.
No major emergency.
Nobody had wanted to talk to me after all.
But the point is,
they could have!

photo credit: mellyjean via photopin cc
photo credit: BuzzFarmers via photopin cc
photo credit: conner395 via photopin cc

15 thoughts on “Out Of Contact

  1. So funny and so true! This just another reminder that as humans our first need is for Attachment – closeness and contact with others… even if it is via a cellphone!! Until we get what we need, we can’t function! I hope you are back on track now that your cellphone is where it belongs, safely with you!

  2. I sometimes leave my phone at home on purpose when I’m off to see friends, and by now I have managed to live without it for more than 7 hours in a row (and I never missed an urgent call or message) The more frequently I do it, the easier it gets…

  3. I hate to laugh at your expense but thank you for the giggle. I leave my phone in the car when I am with my whole family because I figure that there is no one who will need to contact me. It is such a nice feeling to be phone free. Although, my kids seem to panic! 🙂

    1. Your welcome. I love to hear I made people laugh. My kids think I’m ridiculous. My biggest problem now is that I can’t get at my kids over there phone addiction anymore, seeing as I seem to share it. It’s great to hear from you. Thanks for commenting.

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