What inspires a good post?

In response to the Daily Prompt.

Give your newer sisters and brothers-in-WordPress one piece of advice based on your experiences blogging.

I am too new to blogging to give good advice,
instead I will let you know something I have learned,
over the past three months here at wordpress.small__7227886422
Without exception my best posts,
as voted by highest viewing and “likes”
had all one thing in common.

I had a glass of wine in my system when I wrote them!

Now a word of caution to all you new bloggers out there.
Please read on.
I am not advising you to rush to the off licence,
in order to obtain some anti writing-block medication!
Definitely not.
I am saying that when I was chilled and not trying,
my best ideas came to me,
and I wrote freely.

Now, unprompted I will give you a second piece of advice.small_3405257117
I did not ever publish these alcohol inspired manuscripts.
Instead I happily went to bed,
amazed at how I was still unknown as a writer,
and absolutely sure I was only twenty four hours away from freshly pressed!
Then morning came.
I edited most of my “inspired” post,
and then I published it.
Sadly the freshly pressed email has yet to arrive!

So there you have it.
My advice to you,
is to stop trying, relax,
and let your fingers do the talking!

photo credit: “The Wanderer’s Eye” via photopin cc
photo credit: meg’s my name via photopin cc

32 thoughts on “What inspires a good post?

  1. Agreed! If you think too much you will have a hard time. Writing must come from personal experience to be the best. Write about things you know or observe 🙂

    1. Yes it makes me a very keen observer! My best posts also flowed so easily. Thanks for taking the time to comment.

  2. Awesome, tric. In my view, the “good” post is something that should make the reader happy, and the writer proud. That’s most important criteria. We can also define the degree of goodness by the number of ‘like”s or responses from friends and well wishers. Regarding inspiration leading to a good blog, there is no trick to it imho. Just being natural is the best one can do. Thanks for a good post.

    1. I love that line,” make the reader happy and the writer proud!” Thanks. Oh and loved your monty python parrot post!

      1. Thanks. I generally like to go down memory lane randomly, to some good ole times and things that I enjoyed at some juncture (and surely would enjoy even today). Parrot sketch is absolutely evergreen. Thanks for your note that makes my day.

  3. I can’t wait for the luxury of writing a drunken post. All you guys get is lame pregnancy whining and typical mommy inspired topics. Just wait until the gin starts flowing and the panties come off…..wait…..then I’ll probably end up in exactly the same place I started. Knocked up and bitchy. Sigh.

    1. oh dear Jesus I am so looking forward to you back on the sauce! Mind you I am enjoying your posts as they remind me that I never want to go back there! Oh and they are brilliant. I can never not smile when I read “hot on the titties!”

  4. I once read this (forgot where): “good writing comes from the heart”. The wine helps your heart speak out because your brain is too muddled to control it 🙂

    1. Yes the normal barriers are down. I must admit it looks like I have a drink problem but I really don’t! ( some say she protest too much) Oh dear I can’t win. Thanks a mil for always checking in I do so appreciate your visits and comments.

      1. Oh no, I definitely don’t think you have a drink problem! Sorry if I gave that impression. I always look out for your posts because I sincerely enjoy your writing 🙂

        1. Thanks a mil. I didn’t mean that you would think that,more that it could be viewed that way. 🙂

  5. wine works for me too 😆

    back in the day when I used to write proper blog posts rather than the bitsy posts on madhatters some of my most creative and side-splittingly funny posts were written after knocking back several large glasses of wine

    oddly, though, when read next morning through bleary eyes propped open with match-sticks and a throbbing head they didn’t seem nearly as funny as they had the night before – so, yes, your tip not to push that ‘publish’ button too soon is sound advice !

    1. Very nearly did it one night. When I read it the next day I was so very happy I resisted! Its like texting after a few, never a good idea!

        1. Will have to wait awhile as it is 10am here. Will be with you in spirit! I love weekends, very inspiring. Thanks for the visit busy man, much appreciated. I will continue to visit and begrudge you your 12,0000 followers.

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