Lighten up and live a little.

Tomorrow is Daniels fourth anniversary. It seems impossible to believe. As the day creeps towards us many memories flood back, those dreadfully difficult days in the hospital towards the end, the final decision to allow him home and the happiness and relief when Daniel finally got to realise his wish to return home.

This month is beyond difficult for his family as they live everyday life as ‘normal’. However, for all their sadness when speaking with his mum there is always much talk of appreciating when things are good and remembering the many stories of Daniel, for if ever there was a boy to live a life and a half it was Daniel.

Earlier this year Daniel’s family had returned from a holiday abroad and to travel there had to pass through the same airport that they last visited with Daniel in tow.

That was the year before Daniel got leukemia. He was twelve and a real live wire.danny The queue for passport control was very long and Daniel was pestering them to get some sweets out of the vending machine. As they neared the top of the queue he could resist no longer and ran off to get some himself. His family were furious as they waited for his return, getting nearer and nearer to the end of the queue. Just in time he arrived back loaded with the sweets he’d wanted and oblivious to the fury of family.

As his mum recalled the story we shared a laugh as it was so typical of Daniel. Then she turned to me and said,

‘I’m delighted now he got those sweets.’

There may be a lesson for us all there.

Life is short…  sometimes we need to lighten up and live a little.



12 thoughts on “Lighten up and live a little.

  1. so very true and a good reminder to us all , my Mam regrets denying herself so much or stressing herself thinking she was overweight half her life. She has told me to live my life as it can change overnight. Thinking of you all x

    1. Yes, for many years I’ve lived by a very simple thought, ‘no regrets.’ It makes many decision much more simple.
      I hope your mum is doing okay?

  2. All the best to everyone, Tric, it’s a tough time. And it’s so true, sometimes the little stuff is minute in the grander scheme of things (I’m glad he got the sweets too!)

    1. Thank you. It was a hard day for his family, but I suppose they have many such days without the massive obvious support they had yesterday.

  3. I’m finding this November very difficult too as we are remembering my nephew who was in hospital this time last year, he passed away after a month, just before Christmas but sadly he never got his wish to return home. I really think it’s impossible not to have regrets in life, we always try and make the best choices at the time but I agree, it’s good to be able to look back and remember the good things and find reasons to be joy-filled.

    1. The anniversary is such a hard time as I’m sure you too recall the hurt, pain and trauma of those final weeks of illness.
      So sad your nephew never got his wish to come home. Daniel was in hospital for five months and only got home twice in that time so it was a real blessing that he got that final wish as he was on a ventilator only a couple of weeks before.
      I’m not sure how your family will get through this really difficult Christmas. I wish you all strength. xx

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