Remembering Daniel. Seventeen today.

Today is Daniels birthday, he would be seventeen years old.

As I typed that I had to pause. Seventeen is a world away from the young thirteen year old he was when he moved on to new adventures. Do we now think of him as seventeen, or will he forever be thirteen?

It is hard to imagine what he might look like, but it doesn’t stop us trying. His friends are now tall, young men with all manner of hair styles, but they have not forgotten the young pal they lost three years ago.

This day seventeen years ago I was driving home from our village, when for reasons I have never known, I changed direction and found myself outside his 001-1house. My friend of many years, Daniel’s mum, was due her third baby and as I sat outside I chastised myself, thinking she might be resting and I might be disturbing her. However, I thought as I was here anyway, I might as well give her the chance to turn me away, so I called in. When she opened the door I could see she had been crying. ‘I’m bleeding,’ she said and sure enough I could see she was in fact haemorrhaging.

I don’t remember much more of the detail after that, suffice to say she made it into the hospital accompanied by her husband and Daniel made a rather dramatic entrance into the world. This was to set the tone for Daniel’s future. In the short life he lived, there were many further incidents where he held centre stage surrounded by drama. He definitely ensured life for all around him was never dull and for his friends it was always filled with fun.

I will never know what it was that brought me to my friends door that day, but whatever it was, or who ever it was I’d like to believe that Daniel has joined their ranks. That he continues to watch over his family and will always be there for them in good times and bad.

So ‘Happy Birthday Daniel.’ It is indeed very sad to be writing this post, knowing your family and friends are missing you so much, but how much more dull would all their lives have been if you in all your wild, mischievous ways, had never been part of it.

(Also I have my fingers crossed, hoping, if their is some sort of afterlife club, Daniel doesn’t cause too much mayhem today as he celebrates the day he first met his family)


24 thoughts on “Remembering Daniel. Seventeen today.

  1. Such a bittersweet day, Tric. Sweet for the memories of his short life and the remembrance of his birthday. Bitter for the loss of all his potential and the hole in the lives of those who loved him. ❤

    1. Yes it was heartbreaking to go to a grave to ‘celebrate’ his birthday, but writing this also brought a few smiles.
      I counted my blessings a lot all day today too.

  2. Ah Tric, what a tough day.
    I guess Daniel will always be Daniel ~ it’s not the age that matters, I think; more the essence of the person and he sure had style in the broadest sense of that word. Happy Birthday, young man. xxx

    1. Thank you Jean.
      And as I said to his mum it was lovely to spend time with them this morning, because if Daniel was anywhere he was right there beside them.

  3. Wow, 17. That’s hard to believe. Seems like just yesterday you were writing about his last few months. So sad to imagine what he might look like or be doing on his special day. Bless you and all his loved ones.

    1. Thanks Don. The world and his family were robbed of an extraordinary character.
      How’s life in the USA? Looks like you’re enjoying your ‘new’ role which of course isn’t new any more.

      1. Meh, it’s going. I can’t really complain, but I don’t much care for the direction we’re headed. Not sure if that’s an America problem or a world is totally filled with imbeciles problem. Probably more global that I’d like to imagine. Lol.

        1. I think you’re right. We see it clearly in the US as a black white issue but refuse to see our anti traveller attitude here and the growing racism in our own society.
          We can only look after our own corner and hope to lead by example.
          You’ve a very tough job ahead in a country only a wet week away from serious past discriminations.

  4. A life remembered is how we ‘anchor’ the lessons learned from those who whirlwinded into our lives and left, oh-to-soon… luvs and hugs to all who remember well, the whirlwind that changed their life – 🙂

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