Allihies… a little piece of heaven.

I’m back from holiday’s feeling refreshed, my mind filled with a hundred images of spectacular views which thankfully are hard to forget.

Sometimes I wish I did social media more so I could share with others the magic of a small village in West Cork called Allihies on the Beara peninsula.

For over twenty years this has been my little piece of heaven on earth. A place to wander and recharge my batteries. To experience as I walk, a silence which lends itself to inner peace. To remember, despite my thinking my life is so important, that I am but a moment in time, barely a grain of sand when compared to the mountains surrounding me. A place alive with history, where, as I walk it’s paths, I can almost hear the footsteps of those who have gone before me over the centuries.


Can you imagine walking through this village, its multi-coloured houses dwarfed by the mountains above?


And when you are not gazing up at the mountains you can wonder at the sea in front of you and understand what is meant by the Wild Atlantic Way.


While the days were filled with walking, beaching and sometimes just gazing, our nights were equally enjoyable with the sound of traditional music mixed with songs and chat, along with a little drinking too!

Until next time Allihies and your lovely people, Slán. Thank you for another year of wonderful memories.

25 thoughts on “Allihies… a little piece of heaven.

      1. So I am told. Oddly enough, as Stuart, my writing partner, has visited the area, we were only talking about it the other night. I think I need a trip to Ireland…

        1. Really? What a co-incidence. I think most people in Ireland have their own special place so you’d have plenty to choose from, but you know where I’d be suggesting.

        1. Haha. Hard for it to recognise that word. It’s actually an english pronouncement of its Irish name which is ‘Na hAilichí’ which means cliff fields.

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