Writing update

It’s ages since I posted anything about where I’m going with my writing so here’s an update.

Hows the book coming on? Sorry it’s not, but that’s not to say it wont. I am not sure why I’ve not sat down to write it, because I do know the bones of the story I have in my head. I like to say it’s because I’m too busy, which has some truth in it, but that’s never kept me from something I want to do. I think some part of me is hesitant because I feel different to most writers I’ve read.

I’ve not been dreaming of being published all my life and the thought of publicising a book terrifies me.

However I got good advice in the past which was, ‘Just write it and forget about what happens afterwards.’ So perhaps I will.

In the meantime I’m facing a new challenge. I’ve bitten the bullet and signed up with Creative Writing Ink for a memoir writing course under the watchful eye of Eileen Casey. This is the genre I like to read most. Not necessarily famous stories but the lives of ordinary people told in their own words.

I’ve not taken this course lightly. Many who read my blog regularly will know I have a past. It’s part of who I am but doesn’t define me. I’m fairly comfortable with my memories at this stage, they occur at some time every day, but are usually not anything too overwhelming. Occasionally the flashbacks are severe but it’s usually the nightmares which shake me the most. By deciding to take this course I knew there was a risk of opening old wounds but life is all about challenges isn’t it?

So I’ll keep you posted. Hopefully I’m not only strong enough to do this but I’ll also enjoy it.

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30 thoughts on “Writing update

  1. I have a certain past, too. I’ve not written about most of it and I probably won’t, for a number of reasons. I think it would do me this to “write it out” but so far, I’ve been staying away from it because I’m sorry if afraid of memories and mostly of allowing people close to me to be hurt by what I’ve gone through. Maybe I’ll write it down and leave it for posterity when I am gone.

    1. Yes Corina, this is for me and it’s only a small part of my life, there’s plenty more to write about. How much or little detail I provide will be up to me.
      If I balk at writing a fiction book imagine how I’d feel thinking of publishing this? Can’t imagine it happening, but I’d like to explore the option of writing it.

  2. The hardships for me are also similar, big impact moments come to from tucked away corners yet while it’s defining for me and duh others input is long expired yet why throw a bus at someone not so stupid as to be reminded it’s not all fiction… most of my scary monsters are just me telling myself that the furnace! That’s the hot water on a cooling night nereaking not damnation for prior participation of people’s! It is time to let it go . I guess it comes to this my peace with my demons is mine it isn’t like I chose life after this ‘moment’ it is true it mattered to me for a lifetime… it is just as fair to say the others have been cut free or maybe never will be yet time moves these moments to a different spot in my life. I’m sorry say that it felt a betrayal with early family times sometimes but my love forwarded I’m sure yours will to i new debt have to but choose to share my world tough if it paints close folk poorly but I am for me

  3. A very good friend of mine has written her memoir and I think its one of the bravest pieces of writing you can do. So I wish you well with it. I hope the course you are taking helps in getting it all done. Take care.

    1. Thanks Michael. Yes it’s hard to know where to start and what to write so I’m looking forward to this course showing me different routes to explore.
      Well done to your friend. Whats the book called?

  4. The course looks interesting Tric, going to check out the teenage ones for my daughter too.

    I’m writing a memoir at the mo, thinking to myself that I should do that course! Deadline is looming though and I’m sooooo behind.

    Best of luck with it. I find I can’t write unless I have a deadline – which is not an advisable way to work.

    1. I’m very good for a deadline too, that’s probably why this course will help me focus my mind.
      Best of luck with you memoir. Now back to work with you…tick, tick, tick

  5. Write it. Because you want to write it. 🙂 That is all. Well…..of course I’ll want to read it…. So write it. And then I’ll come back over, we’ll have a cuppa (sorry, a POTTA, a couple of POTTA’s) and read it. 🙂 Potta, see what I did there?

    1. Yes, I will only write it if I want to write it and hopefully enjoy the process.
      You coming back over for another ‘potta’ is an added incentive. 🙂
      Now you say it I’d never thought that is what I say. ‘potta tea’

  6. I hope you enjoy the course and you take away tidbits that will only benefit you in the long run. Also, the advice given to you about the book is great advice! I started a “book” in the beginning of the year, but now have left it on the back burner. No surprise. Someday, I’ll move it to the front. 🙂

    1. I’d say there are plenty books lying about the place all over the world. Hopefully one day we’ll finish them.
      I’m really relishing this course regardless of where it leads.

  7. Good luck with the course. As for your book, give it time and finish it first to a degree where you like it. Then worry about publishing I am working towards publishing and other than a headache, it is not as scary as it sounds so don’t be afraid. Take one step at a time.

    /thumbs up

  8. I used the writing of my memoir as a healing tool. I got stuck on a really hard part in my teens and put it away at the end of 2014 to work on drawing and illustrating my children’s books. I am not sure that I will ever get back to it. However, I think I need to so that I can give life to the happy parts of my adult life that have been ignored in the memoir. I have had 30+ adult years that have been filled with happy events that overshadow any of the negatives of childhood. One of the blessing was to be able to raise two sons in an environment so very different from the one I grew up in. The fact that they have turned out to be fantastic young men makes my heart sing. I wish you joy in your journey. You will be amazed at the cleansing power of the written word.

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