A little bit of Christmas magic came my way.

The past few weeks have been hectic and for a little while I’ll admit I began to lose my Christmas spirit. Life was crazy busy, so much so that for the first time in years I’d not even had a minute to call by my blog. I put my head down and got on with everything one day at a time, but inwardly I grumbled and moaned; if my family were to read this they may even dispute the ‘inwardly’.

Then, without warning, that Christmas spirit found me, in a roasting hot swimming pool at seven in the evening, last Tuesday week.

Entering the pool that night, the young swimmers were crossing their fingers that Santa would visit. Half way through the session the bell rang loudly and with photo credit: Lily and Santa at Courtrights - Xmas 2012 via photopin (license)‘HO HO HO’ echoing about the pool, the man of the season made his appearance. In that first moment, watching the delight of those little ones, googles and hats on heads smiling, pointing and shrieking, I remembered the real magic of Christmas. Santa made his way around the pool, high fiving all, before settling down to meet and greet each swimmer. Some came with a skip, others were less sure, but watching their beaming faces and listening to them laugh when he told them he couldn’t swim, was a delight.

After the session each swimmer got the chance to have their photo taken with him, most wearing pyjamas, not exactly your standard photo but definitely high on the ‘how cute’ scale.

Such are my connections that Santa took time to visit on two more occasions, bringing party bags for 200 young swimmers and Christmas magic to everyone else.

The night reminded me, there really is a lot more to Christmas than dinner and presents. In these final busy pre Christmas days, I hope each one of you are lucky enough to have someone close by, who will sprinkle a little bit of Christmas magic your way.

photo credit: Lily and Santa at Courtrights – Xmas 2012 via photopin (license)

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