Malaga as experienced by me.

Just a quick post to let you know I and my fellow ladies survived our few days away. In fact we more than survived it, loving every minute. Here’s a brief recap of some of my finer moments,

View from our balcony.
View from our balcony.

In airport bookshop at 5am…

Me… ‘I’ll have this book thank you’,
Shop assistant… ‘and the pack of mentos’,
Me (not listening)…’Just the book thank you’.
Shop assistant… ‘And the packet of mentos’.
Me… ‘What?’
Shop assistant pointing to my open bag.. ‘And that packet of mentos’
Me (looking at the sweets I’d unconsciously put in my bag) ‘Oh whoops sorry, yes indeed, and those mentos’.
Shop assistant nodding sympathetically while looking at my bed head.. ‘It’s very early’

On arrival at Malaga airport.

Very organised friend… Well Tric have you the apartment address?
Me… Eh no.
Very organised friend… Oh. Well have you a telephone number?
Me… No.

Beautiful living room
Beautiful living roomMe…No.

Very organised friend looking a bit pale… What about email?
Me…Nope, I’ve no internet, but it’s okay its in a place called constitution plaza.
Very organised friend, speaking in high pitched tone… ‘That’s all you know?’
Me… Ye but it’s on a corner and I know what it looks like.
Very organised friend takes deep breath and calls others for collective counselling.

Other amazing facts were,
We managed to walk to the beach in fifteen minutes but the walk home in the evening took three hours. (We might have been thirsty)
Five out of six women love shopping. (Based of recent research)
When women are away from family they rarely feel the need to talk about them.
It is possible to laugh from morning until night.

Spacious corridor.
Spacious corridor.

Sitting in the sun on the beach is even more enjoyable when you get a text saying there are floods at home.
Cava is very cheap in Spain.
A measure of Vodka or Gin takes ten seconds to pour (fact).
The sun shines outside Ireland in September

So there you have it, I’m home and it’s barely stopped raining since I arrived. I’m slowly adjusting to having to cook and drink tea. Sadly I think I left my blogging mojo in Spain. I’m hoping it flies back soon, but if it’s got any sense it’ll stay there, learn Spanish and eat, drink and be merry on my behalf.

Here is a link via to the most amazing apartment I’ve ever stayed in. It had four bedrooms and was in a beautiful old building in the very centre of everything. Have a look and be jealous. I cannot recommend this apartment, it’s wonderful owner or Malaga highly enough.

I’ve never done a review in my life and sadly this is not a review nor was I paid for it. It is Β just my way of letting you all know that this apartment and beautiful city exist and if you have any sense at all you will some day try to visit.

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29 thoughts on “Malaga as experienced by me.

    1. Haha. As you may have gathered after all this time of reading I can be a little relaxed when others are not and a bit scatty.
      It was a great break and I’m so lucky to have two groups of great friends, this being one of them. I’ll just have to go away with the other gang in the interest of friendship.

      1. That would be the right thing to do Tric. Taking one holiday with one group and then ‘not’ going with the other group would be rude. You NEED to travel more and drink more wine and have more fun to be FAIR!!!!! It can’t be helped.

    1. It was such a wow, everywhere we went. I really loved it. I’m not as traveled as the others but they said it was one of the best cities they’d been too and rated it well above Barcelona which they all love. Definitely worth a visit.

  1. Oooh that apartment looks beautiful. I used to go on holidays with my friends every year pre babas, someday I’ll return to them…this might be the spot

    1. It has it all, short flight, sun, beach a million places to eat and of course no measures. Going home after 2am and the streets were still full of life, but no messy drunks (unless you count six giddy women)

  2. Sounds like you had a wonderful time! I’ve never been to Spain before, but I’d love to go. It’s funny how the walk back from the beach was quite a bit longer. Very mysterious that. I hope they discover your blogging mojo under a dresser or something and ship it back out to you.

    Incidentally, I used to have an uncle who was very appreciative of his own jokes, so I I’d already discovered that it’s possible to laugh from morning until night.


  3. A trip such as this should be part of every mum’s annual agenda! Sounds perfect. Glad you weren’t imprisoned for your Mentos mishap before you even set off and that you found your fabulous apartment! Sounds like such fun…… xx

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