Surprise package, but from who?

Sometimes I forget people who know me read this blog. Today, via a parcel in the post, I got a reminder they do.

I received a package from the postman with my huband and my name and address typed on the front. Inside was a present for our twenty fifth wedding anniversary. Why I hear you wonder, would I think the sender had read my blog? road atlas

Well this is what was inside.

Anyone who read my post about our epic anniversary journey, shared in part by ‘Miss Google doesn’t always get it right’ maps, will understand the gifts significance.

So my question is… ‘Fess up, who sent it?’ Somehow I think the answer lies more within my facebook friends but maybe I’m wrong.

Whoever it was can I say, ‘A great big thank you to you’. I’d like to say we both say ‘Thank you’ but I’ve not seen my OH for the past hour as he’s lost on pages 13 and 14, around about the midlands of Ireland, trying to figure where on earth we went on our way home.

photo credit: Package from Reg via photopin (license)

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