There are days when the tears fall.. but then something amazing happens.. 

Last week I featured a post ‘A mother in a million’, in praise of a tenacious, courageous lady, Lucy’s Mother, Angela. At the time I was unaware of the amazing work she had been doing prior to Lucy ever getting cancer for a charity called Bumbleance. So in order to right this I’d like to reblog this post written by Angela. If you have a moment you might check out Bumbleance, founded by the parents of much loved and missed, Saoirse and Liam.

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Lucy fights Cancer 2014-

As any parent, who has walked that awful long walk to St.John’s Oncology walk, in Crumlin Hospital, it is the loneliest and longest walk in the hospital (1km in length)

I don’t write much about, the journey that we have taken or the treatment that leaves my daughter unable to stand steady, I don’t mention the day my own dad had to carry her down that very corridor😞

Yet in the mist of all of the mayhem that has taken over Lucy’s life over the past seven months, something remarkable has happened..

When Lucy was diagnosed with cancer, I had organised bumble box with my friend Darren Moore, to take place in Nov 2014, we went ahead with it and raised over €27,000 for BUMBLEance

I never thought in the middle of all of this planning, I would be in the back of the BUMBLEance with my then 8…

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