Good news!

Remember that miserable blogger who wrote the last post on this blog? Well that girl has left the building! Look at my shiny new button. Yes I am a finalist in the Irish Blog Awards, I have made it to the final ten in Best Personal Blog.blog_buttons_FINALIST

When I read on facebook earlier today, that the list was published, (how did I function without facebook) I was taken aback. Not just because I made the final, but because before clicking on the link I froze. Only then did I realise I really cared. I really wanted to make it to the final. For no matter what we write about blogging being a hobby, a passion, a joy, blah, blah, blah etc, etc for many of us it is so much more than that.

‘My thoughts on a page’ is a very real part of me now. I often write from the heart, sometimes taking too little time to edit or wonder should I publish. The nature of these posts mean that this blog is, in essence, an extension of myself. I may be co incidentally in the ‘Personal’ category, but this blog is very personal, to me. A place I go, to laugh with others, to wonder, to rant, and in the past year, to mourn.

So today I am over the moon with the result. Last year I made the Final, as some of you know, but I was so new to blogging I had no idea what that meant. This year I do, and I am thrilled.

Sadly I’ll have to inform my dearest beloved that there is no commercial windfall associated with this ‘honour’, which I’m sure will lessen his delight at my success. However money isn’t everything.

Last night I went to sleep with a dread in my heart, as today is the day we remember young Daniel on the GAA playing field, as they present for the first time the Danny Crowley Memorial Cup. I couldn’t imagine watching a group of young boys aged 12 playing football. I couldn’t imagine going in afterwards and listening to his father give a speech, and being so proud of my friend, his mother, standing so bravely alongside his siblings. I was worried about the amount of tears I would shed in a most inappropriate fashion. Have you seen the person who stands with silent tears falling down their face? Well that is not me. I am the one with the red eyes, blotchy face and runny nose, barely able to stem the flow of tears, while stiffing sobs! Β I am not exactly pretty or good looking, but when I cry…look away, I am a very ugly crier.

However now I have a lighter heart, helped in no small measure by my own good news. I also feel strong. I will watch the match, I will cheer on those young boys, and I will stand and cheer as speeches are made and young Daniel is remembered.

Then I will join his family and friends and we will have a toast to his memory, and to as many other things as we can think of!

Thank you all once again, for your ongoing support, and of course for reading, ‘My thoughts on a page’. I love you visiting, reading and of course commenting. Β Results in two weeks, but Finalist is good enough for me.

43 thoughts on “Good news!

  1. Well done, that is great news! I know it’s a very tough competition, so you’ve done yourself and your blog proud. All the best at the finals in two weeks. πŸ™‚

  2. being a finalist is a huge honor as is watching daniel being honored as well. i know you are both watching over the other and proud of the honors bestowed upon you.

    1. Thanks Beth. I suppose Daniel is a large part of my blog too, so this is also a memorial to him!
      Yes off I go to the match. (tissues in pocket πŸ™‚ )

  3. Hooray! I like happy Tric. Congrats on the prize, and don’t worry about the tears. Just remember to bring tissues. I forgot once, and people tend to stare when you blow snot on your sleeve. TISSUES.

    1. Thanks. I remembered the tissues but in fact it was a lovely night. A night when we all enjoyed remembering him in a way he would have loved himself.
      Many a sleeve I’ve ruined in my day!

  4. whey hay, well done tric – I knew a star was in the making when first I stumbled across your blog πŸ˜†

    good luck in the final !

    P.S. which of the judges do we send the bribes to ?

    1. You are one of my first readers Duncan. Thanks I can’t believe how delighted I am 24 hours later to be in the final. Sad!
      No need for the envelope save it for a drink to commiserate or celebrate in two weeks time.

  5. Hope you can make it to the awards, look forward to meeting you again. Hope the service was lovely, I don’t think I’d be able to stop those tears either.

    1. I’ll be there Lorna, and at least I know quite a few bloggers now, so I am really looking forward to it.
      As for the ceremony it was lovely and not too sad at all. We had a lovely night remembering Dan, and chatting with friends.

  6. Delighted you are a finalist, but not a bit surprised. I hope you made it through today OK, I bet Daniel is very proud of your achievement! xxx (and I would beat you hands down in the sobbing awards, if there ever was one… ‘just sayin’

    1. Thanks Naomi. I’m thrilled, ridiculously so. Well done to you too. Actually last night was lovely. I only shed a couple of tears and really enjoyed the evening. It was sad, but lovely to remember him and to show his mom how many others did too.

    1. Thanks so much Deb. I’m behind on my reading, hope you are doing okay. It’s not easy living a new life, and mourning a friend and companion. You are so kind to take the time to comment and to care.

  7. Wonderful news! Congratulations – you deserve this! I hope the day of remembering and honoring Dan was lovely. I’m doing the same these next days, remembering and honoring Elizabeth as we come to the 2nd anniversary of her death. Spending time with family and a good friend, I know how precious it is to have the support that you offer to these dear friends of yours, and shedding tears is important when that is what is authentically felt! Blessings to you and your friends.

    1. Thanks Lucia. It is hard to believe it is two years, but I’m sure it is all that some days and mere moments others.
      I continue to read all you write, but sometimes it is on my phone and I cannot comment as I forget passwords etc!
      You have always exuded an air of calm and acceptance. I take away strength and hope from your writing.
      I also like the way you are sharing Elizabeths writings. They deserve to be shared.

    1. Thanks so much. I am definitely going. I”d love to meet you in person. Last year Lorna was the only Irish blogger I knew, thankfully this year I know quite a few.

  8. I thought I just posted a comment but I do not see it anywhere. Congratulations! I will reach that milestone in Feb 2015. I delete most of the emails I get about new posts, except for maybe 4 or 5, and one of them that I always save to read, is yours. I’ve been faithfully reading, and am often inspired in one way or another. Thanks for your thoughts on a page.

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