What do you see when you’re looking at me?

I have been nominated for Best Blog Post in the Irish Blog awards for my post ‘What do you see when you’re looking at me?’.  I am of course thrilled to be nominated and this post is one I am particularly happy with.

For those who do not wish to press the link above, the post is the true story of the day a young girl, with two small children, came into a busy Accident and Emergency department and met a young opinionated nurse (me). That meeting had a profound effect on me, and continues to do so to this day.

If you still don’t want to read it, just trust me it’s winning material, so please go to The Irish Blog Awards site  and vote for ‘My thoughts on a page’.

Your reward will come when I am rich and famous and you can boast ‘She’d be nowhere only for me!’.

Thanks a million for reading.

Just one last add on. This voting lark goes on for a few weeks, and then the final ten are privately voted by real judges (Ahem).  Votes can only be made once a week, so please forgive me if I bother you again next week. If you can help me in any way on facebook or twitter I’d be delighted.

Normal, non begging posting, will resume tomorrow.


18 thoughts on “What do you see when you’re looking at me?

    1. That must be all my voters swamping the site! 🙂 Thanks anyway Jackie. You can vote once in the week, so hopefully they’ll sort it soon.

  1. What a terrific post. And I thought your “begging” post here very nice – managing to do that difficult thing of asking us to vote without sounding desperate or self-obsessed! How difficult it is to write something like that in a way that makes the reader smile.

    1. Thanks MM. I haven’t a prayer. The top posts seem to have a lot of ‘friends’ or fans, so it looks like I’m out.
      I think I’ll get over the upset eventually!

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