Series of letters. Letter 8

Todays letter is a hand written letter! It was sent to me by books,music and movies. I thought it was so different to actually see and remember what a handwritten letter looks like. It has prompted me to rethink how rarely I write anything on paper. I hope you enjoy it.

IMG_0160 (1)






16 thoughts on “Series of letters. Letter 8

    1. Oh yes that was the best feeling…. Great to actually bump into you last night. How strange was that? I didn’t want to talk about your blog as I don’t usually talk about mine in public. I hope you didn’t think that odd?

  1. Thank you, what a lovely reminder of the past. I still have some of the hand written letters my grandmother and great-grandmother sent me. I will stash them some where for safe keeping, then forget where they are. Every once in a while when sorting through things I will happen upon them again and sit and read and remember.

  2. Oh, we all say we miss hand written correspondence but why don’t go back and do it! I am always thrilled when an envelope with calligraphy arrives in my letterbox–even though I know it will inevitably be a wedding invitation!

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