A series of letters.

Have you a letter in your head you would like to write someone?
A letter of confession, or regret?
A letter to a loved one here or passed away?

Tonight I was wondering about what I would like to write my post on, when I had a thought.
Quite some time ago I was following a blogger who published a series of letters from other bloggers. (I cannot remember his blog so if you know can you remind me please).

I agreed to contribute a letter.photo credit: <a href="http://www.flickr.com/photos/adrianclarkmbbs/3041954566/">a.drian</a> via <a href="http://photopin.com">photopin</a> <a href="http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nd/2.0/">cc</a>

For quite some time I hesitated over writing the one letter I really wanted to write. There was the possibility of writing it and remaining anonymous. I really wanted to write that letter, but I also did not.
Over a few days I did in fact write it. It was so very difficult to begin, but once started it just flowed. I was pleased with the result, and felt so much better for having written it.

I have never shared that letter here on this blog.

Tonight while I was wondering if I would in fact share it, I began to think of all the other letters I might also like to write. And I wondered if any of you would like to do likewise.

Would anyone be interested in writing a letter to someone on my blog?

Maybe a letter to a lost loved one? Or to someone you hurt, or who hurt you?
To a first love? Or maybe an unrequited love?
What about a letter telling a secret you have kept?
Or a letter of anger you wish you could send?
What about a letter from you as a child?
The possibilities are endless.

If you would like to join in why not email me and let me know via the “Contact me” in the menu. Otherwise you might let me know in the comments. You can write it as yourself or remain anonymous.

What do you think?
Any takers?

photo credit: a.drian via photopin cc

34 thoughts on “A series of letters.

  1. Sometimes I write letters to people when I am wanting to say something to them but I don’t quite have the courage to do so. I don’t usually give it to that person, but I always feel better afterwards!

  2. Interesting idea. I have topics and experiences that I would never blog but would perhaps put in an anonymous letter to another blog… Looking forward to seeing how it goes

  3. This idea sounds good, but I’ll have to ponder this a bit. It’s a but scary to put something out there which could potentially be read by the wrong person. I’m a bit timid, but it’s got my attention. So, we’ll see.

    1. You can remain 100% anonymous to the blogosphere if that is what you wish. Thanks for thinking about it. It was certainly one of the scariest posts I allowed to be published.

    1. Thats great Beth. A few people have already contacted me via email. I will write a short post on how to contribute the letter, but basically I’d say write it on your own site and then copy and paste it into an email. I’ll then copy it into my blog. If you want your blog name showing I’ll be posting at the end of the letter something like “This letter was contributed by …………” Or else simply “anonymous”. Any more questions just let me know so I can address them.
      Looking forward to your letter.

  4. I have a handful of Christmas cards to answer and the hardest part is just starting. 🙂 Fun!

    1. I’m delighted you would contribute. That sounds like a great letter to me. If you just copy and paste it via email (not an attachment) to my address via my Contact me above, and let me know if you want to remain anonymous. I’ll let you know when I’m posting it.

    1. Take your time Susan. I am thinking of running this “series of letters” maybe once a week, but keep the link up on the menu so they can be read easily any day.
      I’d be delighted if you decided to post a letter, and don’t forget you can post anonymously.

    1. Oh I’d love you to contribute as yourself or anonymously. I’m hoping to maybe do it once a week for a few weeks, maybe a Saturday?

  5. I am not sure about submitting a letter, but wanted to tell you about an experience I had with one I wrote. I grew up in a very dysfunctional family. I didn’t get to meet my grandmother on my dads side until I was in high school. Before I could really get to know her she started having a series of strokes, her first one happening in 1982 when I was in 10th grade. Her strokes took more and more of her away from us and by the time she passed away in 1989, she was completely bedridden, paralyzed, and could no longer speak. I was stationed overseas at the time and knew that her time was very limited. So I wrote her a letter telling her just how much she meant to me and how I wished I could have known her better. I mailed it, but before she had the chance to hear it she passed away. Her letter was read to her at the funeral. I was not able to attend, but my thoughts and feelings were shared that day. To this day, I wish I had kept a copy of that letter, simply to be able to reread it and remember a grandmother that was too much a stranger.

    1. Oh my goodness. What a loss that letter was. That is one of the reasons I wanted to host this as I think so many people have a letter or two inside them.
      How sad and yet lovely to think she did have your letter read to her, and wasn’t it great you did write it even if it is lost now.
      Please consider writing a letter, if you have time, as I know you have a lot to say. I have always enjoyed our conversations here and think we are often on the same wave length. Remember they can be anonymous.

        1. Thanks Charlene. Another blogger commented offline saying they hope people do write those more painful letters and even if they don’t post them that they can burn them. I totally agree with that blogger.

        2. I wrote the letter and submitted it to you in your contact me email. For some reason my paragraph breaks didn’t stay in place. I apologies for the length.

        3. Hi
          I am so sorry but I’ve trawled through my mail and spam/junk but no sign of your email. Can you please resend it and hopefully it will be okay this time. Let me know as soon as you send it and I can double check. I’m really looking forward to getting it. Don’t worry about the paragraph breaks some one else said that but they came through on the email.

  6. Tric this is a fantastic idea. I am a terrible letter writer and was about to say I’d just be keen to read but then I remembered an internal dialogue that I was having today on what I would like to say to someone… so maybe….

    1. Oh great. It doesn’t really matter how it’s written, it’s the message that matters. I’d love if you did write one.
      As I say I’m hoping to have this as a regular feature maybe once a week for a few weeks as I’d love to read what comes in. Fingers crossed everyone doesn’t get cold feet, but don’t forget you can post it anonymously.

  7. This is such an intriguing idea – When I’m annoyed with someone, or can’t tell them how I feel, I have written a letter. It tends to help me clear my head, & it’s easier to understand! I’m looking forward to these posts. I found your blog through Fiona’s blog hop!

    Chloe – Very Lovely Stuff

    1. Thanks Chloe. Great to meet you. Fiona did a great blog hop. I do hope you continue to read and to enjoy these letters when they go live. You might even write one yourself!

  8. Wow. I actually just sent a short letter to someone who hurt me. I wrote a little and then a little more and haven’t gotten a response. But it was good to do it. I got clear on why it was still affecting me. I do feel a little uneasiness so this was comforting to hear that you are thinking about this too. 🙂

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