Thank you, and an update on “A series of letters”

Thanks a million to everyone who liked or ventured an opinion on my new blog theme.
This blog is a personal blog, my personal blog.
I am not a “pink lady”, as many of you realised,
and the little pink hearts were definitely at odds to many of my posts.

So it’s gone.

But I’m not giving up. What do you think of this one?

I’m going to try it for two days to see if I like it.
I’m also hoping you might once again let me know your thoughts.

If this gets the thumbs down I’m back to my old theme once more and will look no further,
as I haven’t the patience to look any further.

I thought I’d also give you all an update on my post “A series of letters”.
I got a few brave souls who agreed to contribute a letter, and many more who will think about it.
I am thinking of publishing them over a few Saturdays.
If you would like to contribute a letter can you email it to me using my Contact me page.
I will copy and paste it and then publish it on an agreed day.

I would like to assure all that if you wish to remain anonymous you can.

So to those of you who are unsure,
maybe write the letter and then decide.

I really think these letters would make great reading.
Who knows many of them may well be letters that needed to be written.

22 thoughts on “Thank you, and an update on “A series of letters”

    1. I’m demented! I’ve selected this one but without the mad purple background. But no matter what I do it is staying, even though I’ve saved the theme without it!!! Am close to chucking laptop onto a surface where it will smash into a million pieces, but I’ll try to remain calm.

    1. I figured out how to get rid of it. It was purple and sparkly! Someone commented on facebook she didn’t think I’d like it if I was sober! 🙂 Thanks I like this one too.

    1. I will address that tomorrow thank you.
      Basically there are no rules. You write your letter from the heart and I’ll post it. Just copy and paste it onto an email and I’ll put it on my blog. Just be sure to let me know if you want it anonymous.
      I will also let you know when I am posting it.
      I am so excited about this as I’d love to read others letters. I really hope you take part or at least write that letter.

    1. Oh thank you Susan. I really look forward to reading your letter if you do contribute, and I’m sure we’ll all enjoy reading others. Any questions just ask me. My contact details are in the menu at the top of the page.

    1. Thanks. Yes this definitely is more me. I laughed when I read your comment as I could hear my mother saying “Patricia, what sort of a deadline is “anytime”?
      What I meant is that I think I’ll do this over a period of time, maybe once a week depending on supply. I can link the letters in the menu so they can be read collectively when I have a few published.
      Thankfully it seems to have got a lot of people thinking, so I’d love to get it going this week.
      If you can write your letter asap and send it to me it would allow me get started, but I don’t want to pressure anyone.
      Looking forward to hearing from you “whenever”

      1. oh, i meant the anytime in a positive way, that is so funny. an ongoing project is a good way to go with this one i think. people will gain confidence and feel more comfortable as they read others and see that it’s a safe venue for this. okay, i’ll get on it!

  1. It’s YOUR blog, as long as the font is clear and readable – I will come back. It’s your blog, own it.

        1. I put up a sticky post tonight which will stay on the front of my blog. Best idea is to write it in your drafts. Then copy and paste it and send it via the “contact me” on my menu.
          I’d love to get a letter from you. I’m posting them on a weekly basis for a few weeks, maybe over a Sat/Sunday night. I’m hoping to have a few lined up in advance so the sooner I get them the easier it will be for me.
          Here’s the link to the sticky note in case you need to know anything else
          Don’t forget you can post it anonymously too. Thanks so much for considering this.

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