My most viewed posts of 2013.

Today is a day of reflection.
The last day of the year.
I decided to use it to look back,
on this my very first year as a blogger.

I began to blog late January,
and have posted almost daily since credit: Annie Mole via photopin cc
As I re read some of my posts today,
I must say I really enjoyed myself.

Maybe that is a little narcissistic of me,
but it’s my blog, my writing,
and I didn’t actually boast aloud to anyone,
so it was more of a pat on the back than self applause.

I didn’t think the writing or posts were perfect,
but I did enjoy the variety.
In a way it was a real trip down memory lane.
So much water has passed under the bridge since I wrote some of them.

Some I’d completely forgotten I’d written.
Others, especially the sad ones,
I remembered all too well.

So today at the end of this 2013,
for anyone whose interested,
I’ll link the top 10 posts on my blog,
which received the highest views.

If you wish you too can revisit them.
I would love to see a similar post on blogs of those I follow,
if anyone would like to take the hint.

My next post will also be a top ten,
but it will be the posts I wrote which were my own favourites,
and which didn’t figure in those most viewed.

Hope you all have a great New Years night,
and a healthy and happy new year.

My top ten most viewed posts.
1.The Final Round.
The saddest post I hope I’ll ever write.
It shares the last two days we spent with my young warrior friend.

2. What dyslexia looks like.
A much viewed post which I wrote sharing the writing of my young daughter, who happens to have dyslexia.

3. One moment in time.
The true story of a little boy with autism who found his voice.

4. Every penny really makes a difference.
The efforts of a fantastic charity to raise money for Crumlin children’s hospital.

5. To the one who said he likes me.
A post I wrote when I first realised not everyone who presses the “like” button on my blog actually “likes” my writing.

6. Can I trust him with my child?
I shared this to encourage others who have been abused to know there are many of us struggling, but we must not let them win.

7. My husband is so lucky he married me.
A humorous post, (which I still stand over) which lets you and most importantly my husband know, how lucky he is. This is one of my favourites.

8. I have learned to mind my own blogging business.
Many of us who write share insecurities. This post acknowledges one of the first times I had a real wobble.

9. His name was Daniel.
I never share names of family or friends on my blog, however after the very sad passing of the young warrior I wanted you all to know, His name was Daniel.

10.Gone but never forgotten.
My father died over twenty years ago. This post is the story of how we managed to bring him to my brothers wedding this year , in our hearts and by way of a wonderful song.

Many of my fellow Irish Parenting Bloggers are also doing a roundup of their years posts.
If you fancy checking them out just click here.

photo credit: Annie Mole via photopin cc

18 thoughts on “My most viewed posts of 2013.

  1. I’ve nearly read them all I think, and they’re amazing.
    Will be back tomorrow for another read.
    ‘..Mind my own blogging business’ is just what I need right now.. Every few weeks I think of packing it in. Thanks for your honesty.:0)

    1. I hope you do keep blogging. It will be a lovely record of your early days mothering your twins when you look back, and hopefully might lead you where you wish to go with your writing.

  2. I’ve read all but one of these I think. If I get to stop running soon I will read that tenth post!!!!

    Happy New Year Tric. I love your writing. Your style. Your truths. Your sharing. And I understand what you mean when you say you enjoyed yourself, enjoyed your writing.

    1. I’d love to read yours in a bundle like this. I think you have great variety and when I see your posts in my reader they are among the ones I will always try to get to read.
      Here’s to many more days reading and writing.

  3. Happy New Year Tric… keep up the good work. I’m sorry we didn’t get to meet at the Blog Awards Ireland. I am enjoying your writing and how many things we have in common.

    1. Thanks so much. I absolutely love your posts. I remember my brother who is very high tech, saying to me to identify blogs which I like the look of. I can honestly say yours is my number one. I love the layout and the way you preview what you write.
      I do think we have a lot in common in our writing, and what seems to trigger us.
      Maybe this year we will get the chance to meet. I was more than a little “rabbit in the headlights” at the blog awards.
      Happy new year Martine and thank you so much for reading.

  4. Thank you for having a list of “My Biggest Hits 2013.” It will help men like me figure out what they have read and what they haven’t read from your blog when we are feeling chronologically challenged. I apologize ahead of time if this turns out to be true most of the time.

  5. Hi Tric, I took your challenge and created a top 10 post too. Thank you, it was great looking back on my year. Rereading each post before linking it to my post and seeing the ups and downs of the year helped me to realize how much I grew through each experience. May your 2014 be blessed with many new joys. Happy writing my friend, I look forward to your next post.

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