The twelve days to Christmas.

Twelve days to Christmas,
Smile when people ask “Are you all organised?”. Plenty time yet. No need to sweat.
Eleven days to Christmas,
Enjoy wandering through shops, thinking of what presents your loved ones would credit: <a href="">Leo Reynolds</a> via <a href="">photopin</a> <a href="">cc</a>
Ten days to Christmas,
Go to your first Christmas night out, enjoy the Christmas songs and atmosphere.
Nine days to Christmas,
Die after overdoing it at your first Christmas night out. No shopping today.
Eight days to Christmas,
Begin to get irritated at people asking you “Are you organised?”. No you are not.
Seven days to Christmas,
Work is piling up. You are beginning to feel that Christmas is way over commercialized.
Six days to Christmas,
Another night out. You intend to come home early, but those songs and the atmosphere conspire against you.
Five days to Christmas,
Splitting headache. Attempt to shop but those Christmas songs bring on too many flashbacks of the previous night.
Four days to Christmas,
The only Jesus you can think of is the one you speak of when you exclaim. “Jesus, only three shopping days left!”.
Three days to Christmas,
You hate Christmas with a passion. Second only to those who tell you they are “all finished”.
Two days to Christmas,
Really hit the shops. Why do you know no one who is a size 18? List abandoned. It’s the thought that counts.
One day to Christmas,
Panic, panic, panic. Nothing wrong with socks, scarfs and of course vouchers. Perfect.
It’s Christmas,
Time to exchange those gifts. “Mmmm, thank you.  Do you have the receipt?”.

photo credit: Leo Reynolds via photopin cc

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