My life on facebook.

A while back I posted, ‘My life on twitter’ which many of you seemed to enjoy, so I thought tonight I’d do a similar one for those of you not on facebook, or not my friend on facebook. Here is a selection of posts you missed.

I posted this after Kate (you know yer one who married William) gave birth to baby Charlotte.It really happened.

Conversation over breakfast.
Himself.. so Kate had her baby yesterday.
Me… Yes, the photos were everywhere.
Himself… only took her a few hours once she went to hospital.
Me..Yes, lucky her.
Himself… she went home really soon after.
Me.. Yes, wearing a white dress and heels!
Himself… I knew you used to lay it on a bit thick.

(I haven’t killed him yet!)

The generation gap.

Me.. Hey gang I won an award!
Kids.. Great, well done, whats for dinner?
Me..Hey here’s a piece I wrote featured on mykidstime
Kids… Wow Mum you got 200 shares!!!!
Himself… What’s a share?

Generation gap part 2.
Son and OH discussing an episode of 24.
Son.. which one did you watch?
Himself… the one where that politician fella was doing a line with a girl
Son.. A line? I don’t remember that one.
Himself… yes a line with a girl from the office.
Son… A line of coke?
Himself… No he was going out with her.

cici licking lips
Happy Birthday to me (the dog)

Last Friday night.

How lucky am I? I get to spend my life doing exactly what I love most in the world. Yes I have not got the weekend off but I do get to spend the time with a bunch of 30 plus smallies aged seven upwards in a swim gala. Hours of ‘Am I swimming yet?’ followed moments later by “Am I swimming yet?” and finally, ‘Tric when am I swimming?”. I can’t wait

Last night.

A selection of quotes from a weekend swim gala with many young swimmers, from seven years up. It may have been tiring, but at the end of the weekend I can only smile. Great memories of young swimmers first real taste of competition. First of many I hope.

Swimmer…’I went really slow on the first length and fast on the second, cos it would be awful to be winning and then come last'(she came last).

Me… Remember you touch the wall with two hands on breatstroke, okay? (repeated twenty times)
Swimmer… Okay, but at the other end do I tumble?

Me… Now are you ready, this is breastroke remember?
Swimmer…Yes, is that the one I do on my back?

Swimmer… Are there pirates in this pool?

Me… Are you ready for your relay?
Swimmer… Yes
Me..Do you know what a relay is?
Swimmer… Yes it’s a swimming race.

I know you’re thinking you are not missing much, but it keeps me amused!
My apologies to all who think I’ve been abducted, but life has given me very little free time at the moment, but in one week that is all about to change as I will be off for the Summer. I really hope that will allow me to get back on track with blogging, writing and reading your posts. If not either the kids have to go or me.

photo credit: .Great Grandpa & Grandma T. via photopin cc


17 thoughts on “My life on facebook.

  1. Hey! Have I been under a rock and just noticed you changed your gravitar?! Lookin’ good! You must have the patience of a saint. Don’t think I could keep my sanity with a group of little ones…mixed with water and rules! 😉

    1. You are actually very observant I just changed it tonight! Oh I love spending time with them, maybe I have patience, another thing I’m sure my family would have thought I lacked as a youngster. 🙂

  2. I think if you killed Himself for his comment, it would be ruled as justifiable homicide. At least that’s if there were lots of women on the jury and the judge was a woman. Otherwise, who knows? 🙂

    1. Indeed he was what we would say in Ireland, ‘very bold’, which means a brat, mischievious and naughty all in one. I didn’t rise to the bait.:)

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