So, when is my book coming out?

Ever since people in my real life discovered I wrote a blog I’ve been asked regularly,

‘So, when is your book coming out?’ To which I’ve always answered, ‘Not in the near future I’m afraid.’ 

There have been brief moments in time when I’ve toyed with compiling my posts into a book or several books. I’ve even been so serious about it that I’ve asked for help here about self publishing, but I’ve always stumbled at the very first hurdle… actually doing anything.

‘My Thoughts On A Page,’ recently celebrated its fifth birthday. We did sophoto credit: 05 Birthday via photopin (license) quietly as I smiled at the notification and clapped myself on the back. Five years, a few hundred thousand views and a regular loyal following was something I was quite proud of.

During that time this blog has been almost completely non fiction, documenting as much of my life as I wished to share and I think has lived up to it’s tagline, ‘Living, laughing, loving, loathing,’ rather well.

However, as a result of writing this blog, something I hadn’t fully realised was released… my love of writing, and in particular my love of writing stories, especially flash fiction or short stories of less than 3,000 words. I hadn’t really thought about writing much more, for various reasons.

But wait for it… that has now changed.

During the past year a number of my fellow bloggers have written books and I’ve seen them published. Some self published and others went the traditional route. I watched from the sidelines cheering them on, but for the most part I did so convincing myself it wasn’t for me.

I was lying. It is for me.

Following my recent weekend spent on the amazing Inspiration Project under the care of Hazel Gaynor, Carmel Harrington and Catherine Ryan Howard I have been inspired, (as I wrote about recently) and the inspiration has not faded.

So, what am I writing? Surely not a book?

Yes, I am attempting to. As of today I am just short of 20,000 words into my workphoto credit: Theo Crazzolara <a href="">Fantasy Book</a> via <a href="">photopin</a> <a href="">(license)</a> in progress. I cannot of course share with you what it is going to be about, as I have little doubt it’s such a fabulous idea some of you would be tempted to steal it. What I can say though at this moment in time, is that it’s a book which is within the young adult psychological suspense genre.

I am laughing reading that, as it would appear I am a font of knowledge, which is a long way from the truth. Actually discovering what genre I was writing in was more difficult than the writing!

So there you have it, my big announcement. I hope  over the next few months to update those of you remotely interested in the progress of a brand new, haven’t a clue, never did this before writer, on a weekly basis, although I suspect there may be weeks when my post says simply….

‘Did feck all writing this week!’

To those of you who have read my blog over the past five years, (some of who are still regular readers), who have encouraged and supported me in any way, I say a huge thank you. I never thought I’d be ever be attempting this but as a direct result of your encouragement I really have stopped dreaming and started doing.

So, watch this space and some day I hope to be answering that question and sharing with you all the date my book will be out, or at least the date I finally type,

‘The End.’

Another weekend writing retreat by the Insiration Project is taking place in March. For details, click here.  (No, I’m not on commission, I’m just eternally grateful!)

photo credit: writer’s block – crushed and crumpled paper on notepad via photopin (license)
photo credit: Theo Crazzolara Fantasy Book via photopin (license)

52 thoughts on “So, when is my book coming out?

    1. Thanks Michael. Trust me I’ll be telling the whole world when I finally type ‘the end.’ Although I wonder are you ever fully happy with your book, even when you type ‘the end?’

  1. Put me down for a copy also if you believe I’m old enough… Glad to see the positives outweigh the negatives in the post Tric, which means onwards and upwards. Don’t write The End at the end that is closing the door and not allowing BOOK 2 a sneak peek.

  2. Good for you! It’s such a fun process. I’m a pantser- meaning I write by the seat of my pants and let the story take me where it will. A planner has an outline and a set order they write in. I say enjoy which ever process you like and those two little words “The End” will have you dancing a jig. Congrats on following your dreams!

    1. I’m a pantser too Charlene which is very exciting, but sometimes leaves me a little lost. My daughter said it’s like living in my own story which I suppose is true.

      1. The first novel I wrote in 2016 was in a made up town, with them driving a lot. I eventually had to draw a fake map just to make sure that I wasn’t having them drive in circles. The second one, I am having to write down character relationships so I don’t have the wrong characters together. It has been fun, I have not finished the second one, because I couldn’t figure out how to tie it all together. It will get done though, because I intend to do a third novel in November. It is so fun and I like having imaginary friends.

        1. You are flying. Do you self publish? I was all over the place with names and surnames and who did what where, but I downloaded scrivener and it’s the best thing I’ve done.
          Good luck with finishing and starting the next.

      2. I am self publishing, but right now I have only published my two children’s books. I don’t have the nerve up yet to publish my adult fiction. So for now, I am really writing for me, and sharing with a select few. I truly understand how and why prolific writers say it’s like saying goodbye to their best friends when their book is finished. It’s weird, if I am stumped with a scene, sometimes I will dream about the book and the scene will work itself out. I have shelved my autobiography altogether at this time. I hit a road block on some of the information needed and it is just way to expensive to pay for it, so for now, that has been put aside. Maybe someday when I have a grand or two to pay for the information I will start it up again.
        Have fun sweet lady, you can do this.

        1. Don’t hold your breath, but when I do have it finished and hopefully some day published I’ll send you a copy for sure, even if it’s not available overseas. 🙂

  3. I predict I will be standing, possibly in the next 18 months, at your book launch with a massive glass of wine in my hand. I KNOW you will bring this to fruition. I feel it in my bones!!

    1. Thank you. You make it all sound so exciting. Fingers crossed your bones are telling the truth and it’s not just something viral you’re coming down with!

  4. I’m so pleased to find your blog! I am a novice blogger, but have written a book. It is a very specialist professional/academic book, but it is still a published book! This inspired me to go on a write another book about my true passion (gardening) and now I can’t stop writing. Creativity breeds creativity. Tra La! Thank you for being an inspiring blogger.

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