For those of you who have been so good,
as to keep your fingers crossed for us.
And those who held your breath as we did,small_3330528710
hoping against hope,
that the worst would not happen.
I have an announcement to make.

It is with great sadness,
I must advise you,
that despite the heroic efforts,
of the first aiders on the day,
and those professionals who did their best,
my daughters iphone cannot be fixed!

For those who are new to this blog,
details of our tragedy can be found here.

She has had time to come to terms with her loss.
In fact so quickly has she recovered,small__5915484733
from the loss of her loved one,
that she has already
a replacement in place!

You will be pleased to hear,
that I am not now leaving the country,
and will post my usual post later this evening.
To all of you who supported us,
during this time I say thank you!

photo credit: Corie Howell via photopin cc
photo credit: “PictureYouth” via photopin cc

7 thoughts on “Announcement!

  1. hahaha.. thought it was going to be some BIG news! I’m glad is happy with her new phone though. 🙂 Also, just wondering how do you get your pictures to the side of the paragraphs? I have photos I want to put in my posts but I hate how they go under the paragraphs and make the posts seem longer to read. Not very HTML savvy. lol

    1. Oh I am useless. I click where I want the photo to go. Then I go to insert media at the top of the page and put the photo in. If you want to move it just click on the photo, and then at the top of the page where bold and italics etc are, there are three lined “gizmos” one is for the left, one the centre and one is right. click that and hey presto! Let me know if you cracked it!

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