I have a secret photo album

I have a secret album. It has cost me nothing as it requires no printing, in fact it doesn’t even require a camera. I keep this album locked away in the recess of my mind. In a world of multi media sharing of every moment of our lives, from dawn until dusk, these photos are … More I have a secret photo album

Endings and Beginnings.

Isn’t parenting a succession of endings and beginnings? As we leave one part of their childhood behind something new begins, weaning, walking, potty training etc. This morning the children in my locality return to school. Between eight thirty and nine the pavement will be filled with older children greeting friends they’ve not seen for two … More Endings and Beginnings.

How lucky am I?

Do you ever begin to write a post, and another thought takes over? No matter how hard you try, to continue, you have to abandon what you are writing, and listen to your inner voice. Well today on two occasions, I began to write, only to be hijacked by this inner voice. I wanted to … More How lucky am I?