“Codladh Samh”, Sleep Peacefully.

It was a weekend of contrasts. The feeling of elation we all felt, as a young boy returned home from hospital after five months, albeit for just one night. However we also were stunned and saddened, as just a short distance away we knew, another family were also bringing their son home, but for them … More “Codladh Samh”, Sleep Peacefully.

Have Faith?

I am aware that religion is very important to many. This post is not intended to insult anyone. It is simply my thoughts on a page! I did a post last week, “Miracle or coincidence” which has made me think. For many who read it, it proved without doubt that God is real. For others … More Have Faith?

What Makes Me Me?

Despite visiting my grandparents regularly on holidays, and my grandfather coming to live with us, after my grandmothers death, I never really knew them. I never asked the right questions, or showed any interest in who they were, or what sort of life they had lived. What I would give to be able to turn … More What Makes Me Me?

Letting Go.

Ten months ago in our village, a young boy aged fifteen died. Every day since his funeral, his dad sits by his grave. He is sometimes joined by other family members, but mostly he’s alone. He arrives every day, early morning, and stays until after dark, leaving briefly at lunch and dinnertime to eat. I … More Letting Go.

To Celebrate Or Not?

In my family there are a number of birthdays approaching. The milestones reached differ greatly. One is celebrating just over a decade on this earth, the other something a bit more significant. It made me think of how we view birthdays as we get older. My small girl is beside herself waiting for hers. The … More To Celebrate Or Not?