Confronting the past.

Tonight I put a full stop on the final story from a difficult time in my life. Tomorrow I will give it one more look over before sending it on its way to my agent, Faith O Grady.

It’s been an interesting few weeks looking back and exploring memories I thought I’d left behind. Old newspaper archives reminded me of how hard that time was for me, but surprisingly didn’t effect me the way I feared they might. There was no rise in flashbacks and the nightmares I feared might occur with the stoking of the past didn’t materialise.ย  It would seem I am as well as I’d hoped.

However, the greatest thing to come out of my visit to my past has been to meet that girl I once was. For years I remembered her as a frightened, lonely, solitary young teenager, too scared to speak up. Having spent time with her once more I have been reminded what a tough cookie she was. A girl who did all she had to, to survive, but who never stopped dreaming or believing that someday she would break free.

It wasn’t easy and there are many who held her hand along the way, but tonight, as I stopped typing, I knew she’d made it. The past is where it needs to be. Gone but never forgotten.

Tonight, I celebrate the dreams I dared to dream. Never give up, because dreams really can come true.


22 thoughts on “Confronting the past.

  1. Ahhh. Amnesia lane… The past ๐Ÿ˜. Well you’re in the hottest of me keeping this town alive. I’ve a last second home offer to play out with the plain ticket already bought as I was signed sealed and shot out here. We’ll see shortly. It’s two years shining the choice I am on that i moved here chasing a pretty face. Obviously it’s no guarantee I get the pretty face… But I can try being attractive ;). Be a whole lot of pissed off people if I skip Friday middays’ flight. But this hiccup me needing that ticket wasn’t my doing.

  2. Its a great place to get to Tric, looking back aware of who you once were and what has transpired to get you to the place you are in now. I look forward to reading your book when you get to the end.

  3. Good luck, Iโ€™m looking for an agent as sent my story to two publishers who both want it but want me to contribute!

  4. Isn’t that an amazing feeling! The grip is gone and all you have left is the freedom of knowing that you are so much more than a victim. So very happy that you have been able to look your old self in the face and be able to say “Well done you!”

  5. What a fantabulous window into your journey and celebration of a milestone! I am always amazed at how simple time and space and growth can turn ‘crappola – nothing salvageable’ until ‘well, lookee there!’ moments – – usually, for me, if I don’t sit and pick the wounds until I’m durn ready to – – ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. You are an amazing human.. I believe you are ready for your story to be told . And will be told as only you can .. I send you love that the toad to opening that book will come easy and soon ! Always admiring your strength.. and always there for everyone who needs your ear or shoulder !

    Love as aways

    Peggy xxx Sent from my iPad


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